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You did sure yeah our you did the jay leno and the nominally isaiah leno need a win lawyer we just was space a mouse like you know i wouldn't be you know he is our leader do one or the other but it was like well if he got him first and you know we'd have to space it out his emily's art is seconds e e bags will but not really because like i don't know how many listeners we share ultimately became it right and then the ones that we do share were they like hearing in both of our experience with them we do different interviews have you been rattled bag asked ever sure yum rattled in the sense that that like i don't know how it's going to go or might not be going well to begin with her you know like i did you make assumptions about how something's going to go and they you know you try there the trust your they don't you sir trust that they know why they're there but a lot of times that doesn't equal flowing conversation bread it's almost like improv the at died never did him proud but i can imagine if if you'd like just like their your skard what like neil young comes in in like i i knew from when he came into the house that he likes me told me he brought his will the seventy plus your old posse yeah the look at around my house and he's i like this guy and my lads geared bad he no he was notoriously hard on interviewers and i didn't do that kind of research i thought we were going to talk about amps and staff and i got an app that like he like he uses and i bring him out there and mikey bri recognize that ampy's i now think so the mic on now here we go i you know a he wants to be mean you just sorta gonna make me work for whatever was going to happen there.

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