Ian Winthrop Winthrop, New York Times, North Korea discussed on Morning Meeting


We've got a few on the table as it were what's up jedi right i'm being banned from talking about four hours be at the heritage and unfunny war terrible that i'm being censored by the bus is somehow manages to drone on and on despite any real teeth indeed sources my sources are telling me a lot of disturbing things about john separate chetty but i'm not allowed to talk about oh i like that better at least at least it's like you're being censored that's better no totally being censored i'm being oppressed she see them oppressing me it's part of it's part of how the elites of suppressed culture right i meant the harold i'm trying to talk about chetty powerful zappa chetty he has mouthpiece in puppets sherbro the same the same continuum the the herald elite insider some schmidt the sh mass but i'll tell you i tell you it's not gonna stop my sources from texting me with the juicy tidbits who has been harmed in the reign of terror that is reveal somerville ian longtime somerville ian winthrop winthrop now and i got some winter i live very close to winter the people there they've told me some things but i can't talk about you know i've been told i can't talk about i'm i don't wanna be suspended but i i just move on before i get in trouble i don't get in trouble appetite so these are the things that we have on the table for discussion today we have a top five list that the new york times has put out the the lion times on what the top summer fruits are you probably guess what number one is i have a tremendous issue with it but we will indeed be visiting all of the fruits on the list and it is all fruits it funny and try with tomato by the way the stupid just a fruit it is but it's would be a poor man's attempt g annoying should just a terrible people that's like one of the things people know it's like i mean we're talking about north korea it's like people who correct you in saying mr john people are like you know technically north korean south korea civil war.

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