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We more than attended trump's inauguration by the way is like seven people there so oh so probably it could be as many as three times more omega3 unattended trump's inauguration throughout the late eighty's and early ninety's act up chapters started in cities across the us and continued to educate demonstrate and advocate meanwhile the number of people with aids around the world was steeply climbing by 1991 it was at an estimated ten million ten million ten million people with aids notches with hiv um while an estimated one hundred thousand people in the u s had died from aids since the start of the epidemic 1991 eleven years oh my god it is during these years that we see the highest death tolls in the us yeah with fifteen thousand twenty thousand twenty five thousand dead each year in the early nineties yeah i saw some numbers estimated even higher than that like in the 30's and forty thousand 30s and 40s were around ninety four ninety five ninety six asked he's new experimental antivirals came onto the scene sometimes cooked up at home sometimes brought into the country buyers clubs are all over providing people with experimental drugs which if they didn't offer a cure may be offered hope real measurable qualified hope didn't come until 1995 the year the first protease inhibitors were approved people with aids who seemed to be nearing the end of their days rebounded after taking these drugs while doctors called it the lazarus effect it was very dramatic while within two years death rates in the us in in much of europe plummeted but this miracle cure would come too late for so so many people for over three hundred thousand dead in the u s for them.

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