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Adam Hogue is gonna join me the NFL scouting. Combine is going on row, which is like the humid equivalent of the Westminster dog show parade of onto. Get up there and your boxers. Let us check out your physique. I'm not kidding. They do that. So we'll talk a little bit about that. I don't wanna get too crazy inside football the scouting combine. But there are some bear stuff animals also out in Arizona. I also want to do because the train mess row. This is what I wanna do if you were stranded in Chicago for one night. What would you do? Now, you're about as Mr. Chicago's anybody. I know so if you're stranded because people v get if you haven't heard thousands of people are stranded because the trains aren't running properly that is a signal issue and out of Union Station. So I figured why don't we tie that in have a little fun with it? Would you go to a dynamite restaurant, which branded every night in Chicago? So I have no. You're an expert in some way, though. Yeah. I just had a big you know, if I were stranded right now Union Station. I gotta greektown you go great go with that would be my first thing, especially you don't spend a lot of time down there there. Great restaurants. There you go and the bar scene is fun down there. Or you go to Randolph been more of a job, but you get to Randolph, and it's a huge scene there to write off has a a million restaurants. Great restaurants bars. Here's my suggestion. Don't go east that would be my suggestion. Like going late at night in the in the Lynda elope kind of shuts down so three what's nine hundred seventy two hundred if you wanna have some fun with that. And yeah up here. Seven forty five minutes north western hoops here. Everyone's favorite paper. Everyone's favorite weatherman. Tom skilling weekday afternoons at four on the road. Contro? It's you with Anna davlantes, seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker user, just say play WGN radio on tunein news..

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