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They can't be published in the store. But if you add them was like private apps they've got like enhanced functionality and capabilities and stuff like that is quite interesting to dig into. I found this fascinating mark. Because i have been meaning to get new. Tv for a couple of years. And like you. I've been utterly dismayed at like the stay of small. Tv's and i'm going to have to do one of these. but i do genuinely like the roku. They've been fabulous so so a tv that comes with that is the way you have to interface with. I know he's going to have high family. Acceptance factor. yes. I think that's the thing is royal. The the the controller is familiar extra buttons. But he's got the same controls and with the interface looks the same and it's running the same apps so it's it's called. I would give it about eight and a half hour ten paxson excellent sold. I'm gonna buy one tomorrow. S yeah. i'm seriously considering. Thank you for that muck and well if any of you have got a smart tv or a roku or roku tv then let us know your thoughts. You can email your feedback to show at two podcast dot org and now for the first time the it's time feel favorite segment. Command line knows yes and daily and this one comes from glorious sponsor. Bit folks director. Andy smith i spotted this on history account. He posted the command. It's it's very simple. It's just a deep package query. So it's really for debbie based distributions. Like and you run this command pipes bunch of output through a bunch of stuff and tells you a list of the debbie packages that you have installed sorted by size. That's all it does. And i quite like this because i'm like look you know what's taking up space on my machine especially you deb's the i may have installed in the past and completely forgotten about and i found it super interesting that the things at the top of the list were a couple of things that i've used but there's a few things in there. I i was kinda surprised. At what were you surprised that i was surprised. At the very very top of the list was lennox foam right bundle of binary. Yes many of which i will never ever used for devices that i was never gonna attached to my system needs to be there in case somebody somewhere on the planet does that was the thing. I found most fascinating. Yeah yeah i do too. Because we have lots of people in The lennox community talking about free software and in the full freedoms and all of that stuff and then right there. The biggest package on the system is one of these jobs that make all of your hardware function. A couple of browsers the brave and google chrome. Yes at five you have you. Yeah it was at the top of my list. yeah Lib wine to two copies of live wine in an virtual box. Oh no i don't have that thunderbird email client. Yeah i i somebody who open audible. I can't remember what that is and a whole bunch of limits. Kernel modules yet massive list of lyrics godo modules for various versions of the kernel which i probably have anymore. I've got multiple versions of. Lv am different revisions of that. They eighteen seemed to be quite chunky. No so i found at some point. I'd installed the free. Pascal compiler which i had no need for any more was a massive so i yanked our as a result of running this. Well that's the thing is actually interesting because you could reclaim this space by getting rid of random packages but if you think about where these packages are coming from and look at the package description. You could maybe figure out whether you need to get rid of them but like you said mark there's a bunch of kennel module packages for colonels. I'm definitely not running anymore and maybe remove might help me get rid of some of those but also after move a few of those but keep a lookout for the output of the app to remove command. Because it'll tell you if it's gonna remove a bunch of other stuff as well and danger will robinson does stuff that you don't know what it is great and that's all the command line love and now it's time for your wonderful

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