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Who should the knicks go after that makes the most sense for them former general manager perfect devising david griffin would be i know i know we've we've heard masai and i think it's it's hard to crime messiah toronto and i think the the lowery signing the bacchus signing is an indication that he's going to be there for uh for the longhaul i think i think griff what he was able to jew in cleveland as far as managing a lot of different personalities he had there's a that's the tough owner there with dan gilbert other faction in the locker room going through multiple coaching changes um you know now not not afraid to you'll make some some big moves i mean he's he's the best available from a guy standing on your sitting on the sidelines right now speaking big moves the clippers seem to be making a lot of big westner front office and decided he wants to store to shake things up sales looks like to me no you're right and i think they need a a clear choice that they are going to build a or i guess retool i hate seen rebuild retool again around around blake griffin and if they were at a crossroads this summer you could have brought that whole group back and you know you guys know the situated repeat attacks would have been a lot of money and probably a first or second round to teen in and i hate the word blow up and i don't think they they blew it up i think they kind of retooled on on the fly with blake that gallinari a add patrick beverley lou williams there we'll see what happens looks like they're meeting with uh with with their grows today we'll see if that's a possibility from of come a point guard position shall i don't know the top three or four team i don't think they are but there should they they're not wear maybe you tires post gordon hayward i think they're in at the probably in at five to unify the seven five eight range body gsp had mba an office insider were this year on george nosi.

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