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Greetings, Warriors. Veterans in America of the citizens from Sea to Shining Sea welcome different lines of freedom. Who I'm Colonel Danny Gillom. Thanks for joining us. Joining me in the 50 Count microphone today is Air Force Co host Josh Lang. What's going on, Josh? Well, I was glad to hear a few days ago that our new commander in chief is not going to cut our newest branch of service the U. S Space Force. Now we need to keep our focus on maintaining our dominant position in the ultimate high ground. Good to hear Josh and chief one of their old Ashby. He'll be joining us to share some warrant wisdom. Marine vet Skip Korea was looking pretty good today. Did you and your family don't think special for ground hog day. We sure did. Colonel. We always watch that Bill Murray movie about punks. A tawny Phil and we just love it, especially the kids. Did you eat ground hog again this year? Not this year, and I was pretty disappointed about that, Colonel, I I looked all spring and summer for a ground hog, but not a single one showed up on my property. Well, Sergeant, perhaps they know your reputation as well as your affinity for wild game. I think you're right, Colonel. But there's always next year and come this spring I will be ready and waiting. I will be cocked, locked and ready to rock. Nonetheless, I love ground Hog Day because I consider Valentine Day to be a Hallmark holiday. So my wife gets flowers on ground Hog day. That's how we celebrated. Okay, Here's we have for you today. I'm using common by the colonel. I'm going to suggest that we Americans have to change our culture and pull together to save our nation. Then we'll meet Middle East expert Leela Gilbert discuss Turkey and Iran. Then Army and Vietnam vet John Twist will discuss the lost of his army and Afghanistan vets son Suicide. Then we'll discuss why our nation needs to defend our farmers with Adam alone from Patriot Foods. Hey, Troops. Please invite your friends to join us at this time.

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