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Of the state homeowners to create to make to make meals for Some of the local homeless shelters. If had they had a range restaurants just made in that and are sort of creating meals that can then be passed out in safe manner to To folks who are using the shelters some of these done similar things now are their projections. For how many more Americans could become homeless as a result of this pandemic? I have not seen any projections on how many people are likely to become homeless. I would say I that because of the additional resources federal resources. At least we do have a chance. I think if we're stiff we're strategic to move a lot of people who are currently homeless into housing. But I have a lot of fears about what's going to happen as the country opens up again. Many people now are living under rent forbearance programs. They don't have to pay the rent at the moment but when all of this ends they're going to still owed. These are many of the same people who haven't been able to work er only worked sporadically. They're not GONNA have three months worth of back rent they don't have assets or they would have been paying the rent already. We also have a lot of eviction moratoriums around the country and in certain kinds of housing that prevent people who can't pay their rent from being victim but those will also go away and so I think we're going to have a lot of people who owe rent and Able to be a victim and I'm concerned that we need to plan better about what's GonNa Happen to them. We the alliance and many other groups have come together to request a hundred billion dollars in the next stimulus bill for rental assistance in great part to prevent replacing the existing group of Homeless People. With just a new group that comes out of this pandemic and as we're seeing different cities reacting to the needs of unsheltered people during this pandemic. Do you believe that any of these temporary solutions give way to long term solutions? Yes I do think so and I think we have resources to move in that direction and I think a lot of jurisdictions California the District of Columbia where I live just took some steps to improve the situation allowing or requiring that landlords give people time to set up a payment plan for their rent rear ages. I think it's possible that we could come out of this better Nan. Roman is president and CEO of the National Alliance to end homelessness. And Jared Bray is a freelance reporter in Philadelphia and housing correspondent for next city. Thank you both very much for being here. Thank you so much. Thank you while bobbling. Mom bound bounty the music. Industry was dealt a serious blow this weekend. The loss of three icons little Richard Born. Richard Penman died of bone cancer on Saturday. At the age of eighty seven the self described King and Queen of rock and roll little. Richard had a larger than life persona and musical chops to match with hits like Tutti frutti slipping and sliding and good. Golly Miss Molly. He embodied rock and roll and inspired future music. Legends like the Beatles David Bowie Jimi Hendrix prints and Bob Dylan. He was unapologetic about who he was on. Stage of black queer man and he was vocal about the outsize impact. He had on an industry that never gave him the credit he deserved to other giants in music also died this weekend. From Non Corona Virus Related Causes Famed Moving Executive Andre Hurrell and legendary soul singer Betty Wright who were fifty nine and sixty six years old respectively all in all an incredibly tough weekend for some legendary black performers who influenced most of the music. You here today in some way here to discuss the legacy of these three music. Legends is Hanif of Dura keyed a poet essayist and cultural critic from Columbus Ohio and the author of several books including go ahead in the rain notes to a tribe called quest. So glad to have you here with us like you asked me. I appreciate it. Let's start with little Richard. What made him stand out as a performer? As an artist. Well I think that if you are lucky enough if you have the time to watch his ultra funded says I would say from about the mid fifties too when he kind of revived his career in the mid to late sixties? Uc someone who understood the controlled? Add over audience. He was I think in elite level performer Also just kind of plainly. Music was also good as is hooked for catching. This songs were always building towards some kind of rapturous swelling that could really capture the ear inn. Hearts of many. He was a great writer and get incredible voice and I think between him Bait they kind of ushered in an era of rock and roll. That is a blueprint for what we know. Now we're his onstage and offstage personas the same not particularly and I think that also that question also depends on the season of life. That will which was in. I mean I think that and of course I'm speaking of somebody did not know him at all but you read stories about how he was sometimes. Earn the men's sometimes. Aslam as he was on stage but I think that he seemed to come. Alive is mostly and there was an audience. So I do think that I I the more people that were around to kind of watch him or be a party to his personality being more tuned into it. Who are some of the artists that we might not know about today? Had it not been for Little Richard James Brown and Jimi Hendrix the Beatles? All these people who started with him Hendrix Guitar player for So there are artists who I think. The thing that I hope doesn't not get Boston discussing of little. Richard's like he was that he was so kind and generous to artists. Who were coming up a bit after him and I think one thing that hurt him. A great deal was that some of those artists after they surpassed in popularity perhaps did not share that same generously him the notorious interview from the ninety s and early stone. I think maybe nineteen ninety-three after Paul McCartney Gotten some lifetime achievement award in in little. Richard was genuinely hurt. That McCartney in thank him. He thanked all these other originators. And all these other people help the Beatles and little Richard had helped him to be else in wasn't thanked us. I think that there's some it's always seemed to me like there was some sadness there for someone who was very generous to a generation of artists who came in after him. When he didn't have to be at the point he would offer up. Gigs and offer slaps I think this is because of how Richard came up on me. One of those first performances consist arose at Tharp. Let him open for her and then pay the money which inspired him to to keep pursuing performance. So I think he paid that forward with generation of artists and was not always properly banked for that. What role did his race and his sexuality play? In the way that little Richard was or was not recognized his race. I could speak most clearly does race. I'm anti removal of black musicians from the history of American music is Extends far beyond little Richard died at a he is one of the most prominent cases of that. I think that he spent in a long amount of his career and his life. Kind of shouting at the powers-that-be attempting to remind them of what he accomplished. And I don't think he'd have to do that if you were white. I don't think you have to do that if he were say. Elvis but I think the idea that the public was quote unquote not ready for an artist. Like Richard to be at the height of rock and roller therapy or big outdoor or any of these people who were setting to the height of musically think. We're pushing forward. The sound and style of early era of rock and roll blues of Even Country Music. I think race played a role in in them being removed from.

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