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Denver Nuggets lead by one here with 10 24 to go in the first quarter. Invert, just smoked Utah in their most recent game, and then had a ball game against Detroit. Postponed due to Detroit coronavirus problems that win over Utah was 1 28 21, 17. Yokich tied his career high with 47 points. And he had the best quarter of his career with 22 points on nine of 11 shooting in the opening quarter of that ball game. It was never looked back situation for the Nuggets, who come in, obviously, with the moment, um of that wind and again winners of six of their last seven. Like are they started out of 58 for eight from the three point line in that game in the first quarter, they went 18 for 20 from the field in the first quarter. I can't imagine what Quin Snyder was saying to his team at the end of that first court. Just hang in, guys. They can't Keep shooting like this. They came pretty close for the entire first half before they finally came back to Earth. No doubt. Hey, Speaking of hot shooting peaches. That's one thing the Lakers air doing right now that has propelled them to a 16 to 6 start to their season. They're shooting the ball extremely well their top 10 in both field goal percentage, which were used to them doing, but we're not used to them, shooting it as well from the three point line last last year's Shawn they were 21 in three point percentage. This year. They've been sick so far. And surprisingly, I mean, with all due respect to the best player on the planet, LeBron James 41% taking more threes. Then he's taken at any time in his career, and he shooting.

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