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Than have anyone have input into what you? You were doing, and that kept going all the way through your choice of pitching rotation at the end of the world series, and it goes back to the day that you benched Puch was no question about that, but I'll say this that. After the next day he came in apologize, and from that day on, he was probably the best leader ever on any club I mean he just took command and was very respectful and. When I look back and say hey, here's a guy that was you know cuddled. Does hope all career? No one ever discipline anything he wanted to do, he can do now. All of a sudden. I put a stop that and I think was a wake up call for him. and. I tell you it was. It was just super, while I'll take the transition that dave sort of alluded to. Let's fast forward to that world series, and the staff is really clicking in the playoffs and Josh Beckett finally taps into that potential that it seems as though you believe he had in while. You mentioned that you were writing him and saying that he had the potential. Potential to be twenty game winner I remember told the story that I was uneasy about Josh Beckett starting at in like our chances on such short rest. How difficult of a decision was that? Did you have to fight with the organization to go ahead and Pitch Josh on three days rest in that world series well, obviously not trying to throw the ownership under the bus I didn't. Ask anybody as I made up my mind. This guy's GonNa Pitch at called. By first of all looked at it this way growing up in New York I knew the mystic. You know you get them to seven games. Something good happens to them and I. Ain't no way am and Redmond was scheduled. His term was scheduled. The pitch and the cubs beat around. The Yankees had knocked them round game, one or two whatever to I can't this. I know I'm giving up game six. Get the to get the game seven. I said to hell I'm going so I call Beckett in and I said hey up ticket about pitching his six on the on the six game there with three days rest. What do you think he said? Let me run through a few. Bullpen, he threw a few few minutes out. There gave back any I'm your guy. That's all I needed David. How did that go over with the front office? So Jackie remember when we were flying to new. York, and the argument that you and I had in front of everybody. Do you recall that or not? I love. Stugatz here. Support for the Dan Lebatardshow Woods to God's podcast comes for our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans home. Today is so much more than it was yesterday, but at rocket mortgage home is still all about you..

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