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City chiefs. So it's fourteen days until the hall of fame game in kano heil. I don't i said this last week. Yeah some people are like hall of fame game. They've been camped for like a week. You know it's like it's terrible just going to it's glorified scrimmage. I don't care. I will watch anything at this point. I said last week moved the hall of fame game up into july. That'd be great by me. I want to see these guys out there. Even if it's just for a couple of snaps who is it. This is it the steelers and the cowboys is that. Yes yes yeah. Yeah so thursday. August fifth seventy m the nfl hall of fame game and then the preseason kickoff on august twelfth and we get an extra week of football this year so all good all good things. If you're an nfl junkie like we are we are gonna get outta here. It's great to have you back matt. I'm excited for the season. I know you are thank you all for listening. We're looking forward to a great season coming up here Our second with the arrow had added podcast and really audience continued to grow in the offseason. Guys the best head on over to apple podcasts. If you haven't already if you've been lurking out there listening to us talk about pie and cereal support us by manscaping. I'm just then just by and leave. Us advised our view on apple podcasts. Leave as a question in your review and we will answer just like we did a minute ago on the podcast robert or and my name. Is patrick allan thank you so much for listening and as always go cheese..

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