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October nineteen a date for the angels on this day and two hundred two b c hannibal is defeated by the romans ending the second punic war october nineteen seventeen eighty one british general cornwallis surrenders at yorktown the us revolutionary war comes to an end fastforward forward to october nineteen 1973 president nixon refuses to turn over the watergate tapes evil about an old whether or not there president trump i'm not a crook i burned everything i've got a few years later on this date in 1987 who extraordinary things happen first black monday word the martyr 420 smart wall street the new our the dow jones stock index bowls a record five hundred points that very same day a wellknown local fresno rock and roll dj named ray appleton made his debut as a talk show host this was the grand radio experiment what was talk radio was just a ploy to save the am dial which many had written off as good as dead there wasn't really talk radio at the time but that's where rapid and a number of influential players come in congratulations ray on your thirtieth anniversary at kg was our one of the ray apple to joe he sponsored by liu rodman's barstool led dining superstore beach cheaper than owning up ten way doesn't shed much.

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