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I mean, it's going to be. Get your fast enough speaking of LeBron's and the expectation Lakers ESPN today disemboweled there power rankings for the top thirty team training camp addition. So over under where do you guys think they pinned rink the Lakers on their power rankings, thirty teams in the league? Yes, math the Rams are I should say the Lakers. Nine nine. Okay. What about you? Eleven? Eleven. So out of the top ten you have Travis. You hit on Monday. It is nine. Had to supplanted Sean, but same thing. Well, you figure that they're. Yeah. Okay. So number one, obviously, Golden State, Golden State Warriors. Number two. Do you think is number two Boston? Correct. Get my cursor to go in here number three. They have the rockets number four. They have the raptors new-look with qui- their number five have. Okay. See, in my opinion, seems high jazz, I think is s Nikki good team for six seventy Sixers seven, the Indiana Pacers who gave the the Cavs and LeBron seven game series. They have at eight. And so then the Lakers nine in trouble as I ten I, the Lakers are better team than the Pacers. I mean, the best player in Indiana's victory will the depot LeBron is a better player than victory in the rest of the roster. I think the Lakers have better roster beyond the top of the ticket, then your legs are better team than looking at win the Lakers finished in continuity of the roster versus in the Anna, which basically the same team as a year ago. Just remembering that seven game series a little too vividly and look. Victor depot had a great year, but Turner like do like Myles Turner, but only depot, I think probably had the best year of his career in an area. Yeah, exactly, right. He maxed out and you don't, unless you're LeBron Katie, you don't max out a bunch of years in a row. I think that we probably saw the best there is from him and LeBron LeBron's arrival in LA couldn't have been timed any better from the sense that the Lakers are loaded with young talent. It feels like he that guys like Kouzmin Ingram, ready to pop that he showed up at exactly the right time because he's still very peak of his game, and these guys are racing to get to the Pika. There's it's the perfect storm, and this is probably the best young nucleus that he's ever played with. I would think right if you looking at it. I mean, they obviously are second third year type players, but I don't ever recall the Brian, having a young nucleus of players around him. Most of the guys have always been veterans. And I think when you look at it, talk. The magic last week he raises everybody else's gang. I mean, it's just it's just one of those deals where a guy like this, they followed a pay attention to. They see what he does weekend and week out night in and night out. And they also understand that he doesn't have long to go in terms of playing basketball so they can't mess around it have to do everything the right way. I wonder how much longer he has at the top..

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