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And there is tons. There's tons of movie news beginning with there was something America the weekend called the Super Bowl the Super Bowl. How Serb owls? Superb how love that bird, and what did you ever year? Superbowl is that they have the they have the game. And they were really cares about that. They're just like show me the offenders, endgame, TV's, absolute bastards. Which is weird ten years ago? But so yes, they showed thirty seconds of footage from vendors. Endgame. I don't know that necessarily offenders Infinity. The sort of thing it's not sort of thing. That's all. But should we talk about it for forty seven minutes? So caps cap is in its spirit is but nobody's perfect aren't Carter's. But he does struck on shield. So cap has a struggle. Bingers endgame trailer. Well, they do call him. Steve rogers. Three minutes. No. It was interesting wasn't. It's still very eight. I still think most what we're seeing in the first fifteen minutes. I think they're doing some very sneaky things by leaving some significant looking spaces. So if at the end, there's that wonderful just walking across the hangar where they used to try and they're very evenly spaced out from this at the end where there's an old space. So maybe someone's just walking slowly I dunno or there's somebody there that are not showing us yet the Rousseau's Trixie with trying to trick. Ceo. Tricks. And the goal and now they've got to mobile or no. Seeing is. And then not being tricky that just lazy. There's something in something to show for how long do we have left grise wigs? Can you do know? All right just empty now. Isn't it? It's just Ruffalo own someone else's shoulders. That'd be enough that they had the little support groups for people for the deposit, and it's the first time I realized that the left I was actually the. I mean, we really surprised because it's Disney, right? And it small. One mission in life is to keep everything until the second comes out and cinemas which makes jokes incredibly fucking difficult. Just give them an ultimate Cova. You have no idea. How is fill those pages? But kind of we were saying, which as you say all clearly I think we're not going to say really anything else until the films. Person has to right that avengers endgame feature. I am now going to crowd source that feature right? If you shout at word, I will put it in the future. Because quite frankly, I have three thousand words. And I just leave me with two thousand nine hundred nine but shallot a word I will put it in the future. Rogers rogers. Basically, the workout chrome you lint. I like it doesn't mean anything. Fucking. Yes. Get it in there. All right. The Crumlin captain America..

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