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Big scare occurring is 50 Carlos alcaraz comes from being down two sets to one, and in a fourth set tiebreaker to knock off young lenard's crew in 5 sets while 16 C Pablo crane a booster retires from his opening match after two sets. Others advancing to the second round include third seed Casper route, 19 camera nori, and ten Cedric sinner. The Boston Bruins have given general manager Don Sweeney a multiyear contract extension under sweetie the team has tally four straight non pandemic shortened seasons with 100 more points, including a trip to the Stanley Cup final back in 2019. The bruins are currently searching for a head coach after firing Bruce Cassidy just three weeks ago. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports update. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Hi everybody, Brian Curtis in the Bloomberg interactive broker studio in Hong Kong, stocks in Asia are edging lower now the MSCI Asia Pacific index is down about a quarter of a percent earlier we had opened higher with markets in Tokyo Sydney and Seoul and for the most part, those markets are off the best levels, but they are still in the green with an EK up about two tenths of a percent, but it's a cautious rally there. The ASX 200 in Sydney up about two tenths of a percent as well and similar to gains in Seoul. Other markets are down much more so, the Thai action in Taiwan is off three quarters of 1% and the hang seng tech index is traded down about 2.2% led by some pretty solid selling here in Tencent Alibaba. We know that the Tencent story process is selling shares there. We don't know how much, but that's a process that could play out over weeks and even months. However, there's not really any effect on the Tencent business, so it does create a sort of interesting opportunity for longer term investors. Let's take a look at currencies, the Bloomberg dollar spot is flat at the moment Dolly M1 35 33. Yields have sort of stabilized in Asia on U.S. treasuries. The yield on the ten year 3.18% we got up to three 20, settling back a bit, but oil is still firm, WTI is up a little more than 1%. And the banks in after hours on Wall Street trading higher as they are boosting dividends, and that's the check of markets the time 12 minutes for the top of the hour. Let's get the head Baxter. I knew, Ed? All right, thank you very much, Brian NATO has a set to label China a systemic challenge in a strategic plan. G 7 wraps up statements to codify the indefinite time frame for help of free Ukraine. U.S. national security adviser

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