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I'll show you. And Saturday, I had a one 52 reserved at manassas. This is way back in the day when it was a lot shorter drive to get there. And of course we were living in the city, but the gas station in manassas had gas. Yeah. The gas wasn't in that big a demand. So I could top off the tank on my car and go fly for an hour or so. I didn't have to even worry about putting hundred low lead in it or something like that. Back there, I don't know what it was. And that got him hooked. He went for a discovery flight. And he recently retired with 29,000 some odd hours. Accident incident enforcement free. And so that's my contribution, if you will to the industry. One of my contributions. We've told a lot of these stories over the years on the podcast and they're there, but I always like to hear them again. And hey, we're just about out of time here. It's a continues to be an awesome day here at Lakeland airport. Is this still called Lakeland linder? Yes. It's Lakeland linder international airport. There is a customs person here on the field. And people come back from The Bahamas to here. Yeah. So if you're in town and you should come to sun and fun before the week is out because it's very, very cool. We want to thank a bunch of people. Thank you, Jim, for stepping in here. Thank you for being our patron and our good friend over these years. It's one of the great treats that we've gotten on this. No good deed goes on pineapple. Apparently not. We want to thank our friends at sun and fun radio, all the staff who have been very helpful to us all over the years and particularly to our good friend David Shaw better, who has been a terrific friend and supporter of the podcast. We really appreciate that. I want to thank, oops, stop it. Somebody, okay, they always call during the show. Thank you to Jeb. Thank you very much. My pleasure. David, thank you very much. And David, before we break away here, is there something you wanted to tell us? You want to live long and become an old, old part. Go fly because time's been flying is not subtracted from your lifespan. And that's enough talk. And let's go fly in..

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