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Learn pretty quickly. The only way they have protection was to buy the same muscle the other guys had so he went to the man who wielded the real power in Detroit Labor in the mob in Detroit go back act. Two the earliest origins of the auto industry in Detroit through through Henry Ford journalist. Scott Bernstein has spent his life researching the intricacies of the mob. Bob Especially in Detroit. He says back in the twenties. Henry Ford relied heavily on mob muscle to intimidate and beat up labor organizers. The mob is an equal opportunity player. I mean they're going to go wherever the money is. The money is to support pro labor. They're going to be pro labor if the money is to disrupt labor organizing and they're going to disrupt our the late nineteen thirties. Hoffa needs protection for the teamsters so he starts interacting with a group of pretty notorious. This mov stores Guys Lake Frankie Three Fingers Coppola Angelo. The Chairman Mealy and Santo cockeyed. Sam Perron also Samuel Shark. Those were three probably the three. Most Prominent Labor racketeers in the nineteen thirties. Guys who are the right price would be willing to do anything hoffer for needed to gain and maintain a foothold in Detroit Labor. The teamsters union moves always considered to be a somewhat rough and tumble operation and Jimmy Hoffa was the poster boy for what the team says you and you were supposed to be short aggressive pugnacious Wooden backed Jeff. Anybody that's key Corp he's a former assistant. US Attorney was willing to do whatever he thought he had to do to increase his own power and and to Elijah. Oh I duke sent to benefit the The members of the Union but he was not unwilling to sit down with the devil through the years. There's been a lot of charges is that you have had affiliations with hoodlums and underworld elements while there isn't any question about that. I keep my finger on the pulse of what's happening in in this country and the best answer macgyver so hoodlums and what have you is a fact that ever strike we have With employers are really WANNA fight they they revert to hiring huddles and unless we know who our enemy is. Unless we're in a position to do something about it you'll lose your strike. It was a tough off balance for HOFFA. He felt he needed the mob in order to do the work he believed him on behalf of the members of his union. I don't doubt that his intentions Chins were very altruistic. When he began his rise through the unions but I think very quickly he understood her learn whereas bread was buttered and knew that the more he got in bed with the mob the further he was going to rise in the more power our he can attain and at the end of the day? That's what he loved. He loved the teamsters he loved being the face the teamsters but he loved the power our he was power obsessed and he was also great at what he did. Clearly he had lots of Krizner right. I mean clearly. He had people skills of phenomenal nature. The kid met someone during an organizing campaign to organize tears in robot in two years later he runs into the person. And you remember the name in remembers this details about them in terms of cultivating in speaking language of an emotionally connecting Working Class people. He definitely they could do it and I think what he conveyed to them was the're devotion As a union leader like he would devote himself without limit to to promoting the cause is of his team members and he was obviously quite bright when he dropped out in the seventh or eighth grade. But if you read Accounts of Harvard professors. Who are economists? Automates who talk one of the smartest people they ever met in those early bloody years Jimmy Hoffa former philosophy that would guide the rest of his life meet violence with violence power with power. He only had one rule win. Power comes with a price for the mafia offi achieves it was always about access to money. No the mob got their hooks into union coffers across the board and to the point where you know the slush funds ad that's logical and they were able to inject their presence into multiple nooks and crannies within the union infrastructure. Hoffa was building relationships that would rule and ultimately end his life coming up on our next episode Hossa and the mob they had offered during the bidding for them and in return Hoffa ahead a pretty significant arsenal at his beck and call for anything he needed. Done one phone call away. It's getting shattered is produced just by WD IV in Detroit and Graham media now this season. We're trying something new. It's a membership program calling shattered. Plus you can sign up for shattered plus to hear a different bonus episode of the show this week and every week of our new season another perk of shattered. Plus is you have access to all of our regular episodes without ads in this week's bonus episode I talked to my producers about what it's been like for me to try this new medium of podcasting Aston. Then we'll talk with HOFFA experts Scott Bernstein about the new. Martin Scorsese film the Irishman which features Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa spoiler alert. I went to see the movie with Scott had was disappointed. I thought it was long and boring to hear that episode sign up for shattered plus go to our website. I chatter podcast. Dot Com and click on the shattered plus link and thanks. Shattered is produced edited by Jeremy Allen. And Zach Rosen row COPPOLA COPPOLA who may or may not be related to Frankie three fingers. Coppola is W director of digital and enterprise content. The Voice of Jimmy Hoffa is Tony. Amato the only time he smiled one he had fired somebody special. Thanks this week to Jamie K- Walters Donna Harper Terry Turpin Tomato. The Nessa Ogle Tree Meghan Saint Pierre. 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