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I think a lot of times having an accountability buddy. I mean a lot of people do it when they're working out right that they have a gym buddy And the reason for that is because you know they could just not go to the gym on their own but if you know they have to go and pick up their friend to go to the gym with them and then they don't wanna let that person down and You know. I think a lot of times. We are a lot more committed when we know that we're going to let somebody else down then if we just let ourselves down but i'm sorry i don't know if i answered your question but yeah no age. The a lot of people you know. I i think out there as coaching has become a lot. More popular over the land years You know i've always thought it was a great idea. I in a lot of people tended to still may be opposed to it. Yeah yeah buddy out you know if we have a listener out on the fence on the benefits of actually having an outside coach. I mean you know. Here's here's one of the things or this is something that i've seen numerous times in my my with clients is that they wanted to do something for a long time and like i said earlier like when you hire a coach. The coach isn't gonna do stuff for you right there. It's just like a sports coach right that you're going to be a better athlete if you have somebody watching you and giving you feedback and teaching you techniques than if you're just doing it on your own. It's not to say that you couldn't become a better tennis player by going out and like hitting a lot of balls and watching videos and all that kind of stuff but You hire somebody who has seen a lot of You know.

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