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Rotate phase mess almost every day and you do full reviews yeah i do a video reviews now because people like to them better yeah and it was easier for me than typing all out on instagram right so people hate to type it's carpal tunnel do on the neck wrinkles yeah so you've been neck tie video my neck is up when michelle rana vote was on here you haven't heard this yet it hasn't aired she was saying that the only way to really maintain your skin is to mask oh let's hand you know which makes sense she was like you go to the gym to work out for your body you gotta mass yeah so i've been trying to mask more often so many masks and i just get busy and i forget i have them or whatever so i'm trying to do at least one a week now your skin care routine is like your nourishment your feet food and then yeah the mask and like your jade roller like your gym that's your that's your like cross fit for your face i'm gonna just sign up for my face pilates class after this because i need to get that face looking cute kill thank you laurin for coming in so honored i was so happy to come we have to tell everybody one thing creamier neck and key phrase for think jeez gouda show hello i'm dave ross and i'm hampton yon and we host suicide buddies on star burns audio that's right it's a podcast about suicide but not to make light of it we actually talk about suicide of thought suppression kind of with a sense of levity that david i have with each other as my best friend come on we're buddies suicide buddies that's the title one of our favorite episodes that we've recorded so far is about this guy jammed pataki who was a polish aristocrat in the nineteenth century and he one of the reasons it's possible that he killed himself is that he thought he was aware wolf o check out a clip.

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