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This thing's a mess, man, and it's gotten to the point where I don't know who to believe anymore, and I'm getting the point where I really don't care that much what it is. It is inner -taining to a degree to see, you know, now push you're saying that it wasn't kind. Yeah, that this was all forties fall that he knew about the baby and I'm, I don't know, man like a wedge in there. That's classic. You'll work. That's what I'm saying. Like feels like, you know, it's just like you say, classical works, man. I don't know, but it is entertaining. I hope nobody gets hurt, and I know like this Kesse say there's no rules to be, but I still am of that mindset that I believe there should be certain lines that you don't cross. I still think the line with forty is a line of shouldn't across it. Or that was too far in the? Yes, I agree that somebody who's defenseless and has you know in could be passing away because let's just say, forty, passes away tomorrow, multiple sclerosis, that line doesn't look good anymore. It looks really bad. And I know it's unfortunate, but the line is still what the lives post to be. I have no problem. I've just me I'm just like, you know, take it out on the rapper. I mean, this collateral damage, shit like that, but I don't know, man, this is one that imme- like Drake says he's a hip hop. The story obviously, like I come from this in, I understand. I've seen a lot of battles that went too far like we've seen because it wasn't just two Pac and biggie. There were other people who've gotten to fight off a beef as well in saying they sit in the said, so there are lines and here's the thing. There's rules to this if you don't wanna, get fucked up. I guess that's the best way to put crate beef. Did it step over that? Well, see this. This step overload, but I'm saying like there's some that if something happens to you, then it went too far because of that like you, you did a little bit too much and it cost you, you know, an injury, somebody beat up like these days can't go too far, but if you don't care if push it really doesn't care, then I guess it's whatever. Drinks, not really gonna do like gun play, maybe like some people around him take it too seriously wanted like get a little frisky. But like aside once again, if you say you're keeping on wax, Brown, Airolo out that what the hell can you do that set up? That's also the issue like there is there this false reality that things are really truly kept on wax, and they're really not like they're really not Jay z and NAS hugging other day. Yeah, that was easy enough. And even that went for, I mean that went on a different level because it wasn't necessarily far. It was just kind of like. Super ugly was was pretty damn for. Yeah, but it was. It wasn't wishing it was suggesting that your going gonna die. You know what I'm saying? Like like he was just stating fat. We're true. Like. Was it which man. The man is relatively on the clock hits disease where you really long for this earth. But I, I personally feel like that's in berry taste. If you care about where the beef can go. Like when you talk about like big into weren't killed by each other, they were killed about people who grow for them entirely too hard. Wasn't like in this situation. I'm not saying because I, I don't think there's anybody rise that hard for Drake is going to run up on anybody who's a fan of pushes. I don't think that's necessarily case, but they can go too far. They can go too far and feelings do get hurt, but visa supposed to hurt feelings don't get me wrong. Suppose their feelings, and if you if there is reconciliation, I don't think there's any reconciliation between push A-Team jury. This is going to be very Jay z NAS, or you know, meet millage rate coming out on stage three years after tiger. No, because in the reason I say that is because this is so stupid to begin with that it's gone too far to the point where there's no turning back because if you ask them like like Joe Biden asked pushing push us, kind of like, I don't really know like when you have a beef with somebody that you saw individuals that you can't remember where the shit started..

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