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The yondo specific protests is what i thought was a brilliant idea please explain that well this was prior to the league turning it into a football issue right this was when it was an issue that targeted developments and issues beyond the arena and so the fact that at that point that trump had hijacked what was already fading protest movement was irrelevant because he wouldn't trump wouldn't have anything to point to accept athletes out in the community working with community leaders getting police departments along with community activists and organizers and mayors and council people and passed around the table to discuss it issue if he wanted to point to that then good i'm glad because i wanna see that publicized but they they would have taken away what it was that he was trying to dangle as a shining object in front of his base to show that he was still fighting the racist site so the that was the article that i wrote was in reference to a point before the owners turn this into a football issue an issue having to do with contradictions and conflicts with envy arena between coaches and players between owners and players between different sectors of political disposition in the locker room among players this is where this thing has broken south and to the right and now we have to deal with that are the athletes settled enough smart enough intuitive enough at this point to say okay let's take it all off the table we're not gonna protest in the arena we know that they have gotten the message when.

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