Twitter, Boeing, Senate Judiciary discussed on WBT's Morning News with Bo Thompson


Give Boeing 7 37 Max the green light today to begin flying again, We're told approval from international regulatory agencies is also expected, coupled with software updates and new pilot training that could take weeks amid collapsing demand of the Boeing 7, 37 Max and the cancelation of more than 400 orders. Jeff Manasseh, It's not clear yet just when the max or return to US sky so far, American Airlines Charlotte's dominant airline is the only one that's far to put the max back on its schedule. Starting December. 29 the jet you'll recall has been grounded for nearly two years after a pair of deadly crashes that killed 346 people to Big Tex CEO is grilled by GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Yesterday, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary panel went all in on accusations. That anti conservative bias has infected every aspect of Twitter and Facebook. They also noted the irony of Twitter's ban on New York Post stories about 100 Biden's foreign business dealings. Democrats, though, say it's conservatives who are getting a pass on social media. Republicans argued to the real problem with Social Media's role in the presidential election is the left Dido for political violence on the platforms boxes. Gillian Turner, WB Today's times 6 16. It's James O'Keefe or Window Nation Temperature's dropping over. Get a little chilly out there to scientific way to see if your home is losing energy through your windows. You could just put your hand up to the window. Feel that glass and you can see very scientific is that's basically money.

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