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Hell I was doing in the beginning. I was convinced that I should podcast some. Because you've got a good voice. You Know People Apple. Yeah have a podcast. So I didn't WanNa do it and then I did at thinking. Okay maybe I can make some money and then I realized wow. It's not easy to make money in the podcast. Hey everybody it has a p- yeah what happened was I probably would acquit. But one day I just started become really vulnerable really really. It was therapy for me because I realized way I was living was not honest. I mean I think everybody thought. Oh He's gotTa Shit Together. He organizes everything. Yeah he was a hit show. He's always working. He's doing this. God the guys always. He's so have well. I'll say this I'll say that already. You're an affable guy friendly guy you're warm guy and he loved conversation and you know Oh people I mean. That's those are the type of people that should be having a podcast. You're also generous in curious to other qualities. Yeah four podcast. So here's C.. On your ninety. Hey whatever whatever episode thank you Joe True Glenn But it became vulnerable. It became like I felt like I had purpose. That's why I I do. I do it because I really love to talk to people and find out how they get through they face adversity. How did they get through it right today? Do what makes them tick. You know people. uh-huh what what are you doing now. All you're doing Brooklyn nine nine. Oh you're a big star but they don't know your journey and I sort of know your journey. Sure I know this shit that you went through. Well I'll say I'll say this I said I do a lot of podcast and get self conscious about it but I also like to see my friends and I haven't seen you in a while and isn't that how funny I find. This goes back to the guys at the state and everything you grow up get older they have kids. You have a family or like how can see more of them. How can I see my friends? What have they have a a podcast or we work together and suddenly I what he them I just meet them? Jerry's Elliott evaluate. Don't if if I don't show up I don't get paid and I have to see that. Let's hope they're a guest star on Brooklyn nine nine. It's so convenient for me. What am I going to do you text email? GimMe a break. Only way I was able to see. You haven't seen you in a while. I was excited about coming here. You know maller journey. Map allergist allergist text me like five minutes before you showed up our good friend Matthew Ballard. I went to college with them. We got naked at college. We did the cherry run. Ballard is now a family man. He's he's doing really well is doing something. Rob mcelhinney always sunny. Great Guy that everybody loves in you guys. Always all the guys from the state showalter and Marino. Oh hold me everybody. Always Michael Ian Black guys and I noticed like about he became and I knew you guys all new money didn't did you through Ballard. I don't really know I think I knew you. I maybe I think you did and remind me if I'm wrong it was it's through. MTV MTV or was it even before MTV it was around there were you guys were doing the state with guys out there listening. Don't know who the state was look. Look up some old videos find it because it really all these guys careers like David Wayne. Michael showalter that they've gone on what American tonight and Tom Marino Kerri Kenney. You don't know anything. I don't know those names. Look them up. Look those names up. And you're like holy crap. That guy's hilarious. This guy's hilarious. Oh my God look what he did. These guys is all started together. They met at New York University University. Some of US film somewhere in trauma but now we old Jose Trauma I meant to say drama. But maybe I'll tell you from Queens right. That's why you trauma. Well thinking about trauma. Can I tell you I tell tell you is on the comedy someday tram this. I'm thinking about trauma right now because this is this is why it's amazing that I'm doing this podcast inside tomorrow. I'm getting colonoscopy today. I'm in prep. I can't even tomorrow Dr Schwartz Yours. That's right I get to do people come at me now. Have you done that yet. Here's it's also fun. It's I guess it's because of our age we just talked about our age but you know the the age just went down. I'm two years ago. I went in to gastroenterologist. I can't bounce right along. Just say this guy. I want him because my buddy Harland Williams Harlan. Yeah Harlan's the if you guys don't always he's been on the the dumb and dumber go. Hey cash drinking out of semi GRANDPA's cough Meta sorry bud. So he said as I went to the guy got a colonoscopy. She really do it. I was worried and checked out for polyps and stuff. I didn't have anything I'm playing. You should probably get has the peace of mind. I went to see this ass doctor. I sat down with him and he looked at me. 'cause you know on how old are you and at the time I was like forty four because yeah most guys. Don't get this 'til fifty unless there's some things going on. Yeah and then all of a sudden I read it in men's journal or something like a year ago. They've knocked down the age to forty five. That's now I'm older than that age. Yeah so now now. I'M GONNA go get a colonoscopy. There's a few of my friends that want to go get it. We might want to document it. You know go together. Yeah they take I I don't know I don't know if you know. They say the worst part is the night before when you're just unloading unleashing yet that's tonight for me. That's I mean that's a night. Yes so what do you have to do by the way. This is good for you guys to hear because it's important so many listeners are of this age. I'm sure well this is health regardless of husband boyfriend or you're sure whatever whatever it is this. Is Joe Ever Lean tomorrow. What are you doing tonight to prepare? What are you doing today? Well today. A clear liquid diet guys. I didn't know breakfast. Water can have coffee tea. The instruction booklet says nothing red or purple. Now do I drink kool-aid no. I know maybe some of you out there would or popsicles. Do I have a lot of red or purple popsicles during the day. I don't have any. I can't remember the last time I had one of those. I certainly can't have them today. Your fluids clear fluids chicken broth be bullion breath. How hungry are you right now? Not that hungry. I don't eat breakfast that much anyway. But I'm glad this this podcast wasn't like four. That would have been. I would have been angry. It's going to be tough later from. I'm glad we got your what am I. And when I go to my therapies estimate five. That'll be interesting right before I want anything to eat you still what's still no I just I. I just kind of started a few months ago marital problems. It's everything your whole life. Yeah it's everything. Isn't it just jumping. Their marital royal issues says that I don't know so anyway. That's happening tomorrow. So tonight all fluids you know Hey table to sleep you wake up all you have to take liquid stuff like you know right before you go to four hours before you go to bed. What is that? I don't know but from what I hear from my friends that have done it. It just tastes terrible and it just makes shit. I mean that's clears. Is it out. There is out the pipes so I kind of have to stay endorse. Did People Prepare Brian. You're laughing is just one of the funny it. It's funny. This is Ryan by the way my engineer Ryan. Now it's funny like you have to stay. You can't really go anywhere and a friend of mine just was going to have a screening tonight and I'm like I wanna go and he's like actually you know we may have some pretty tight you you really WanNa go. I'm really do but it might be good that I don't because dot dot dot so yeah yeah. There's a lot of reasons one. I have to have the very back row. I'll one if you can't get that seat on coming. Yeah yeah or going. Oh that's right. That's important I I didn't. I didn't want to put that pressure on him Ryan's too young Ryan here is how old are you thirty one thirty one this right now. Right some time you get prostate exams Ryan. No have you ever had a finger in your buns. Well that's different. You have had that. No you haven't have you Joe. Sure I've only had one in my life and and I had this conversation with a lot of people because a lot of guys will tell me they have fingers in the prostate prostate exams. And I go no no. My doctor says it's unnecessary. Now you can just do a blood test check ups senior fine. But I'm hearing back and forth things like that so I actually went to my doctor. I said look I'm a little like I don't know sensitive about this again. Not put a finger in my ass. Yeah twenty years. I've known I don't I. We've we've known each other a long time. How come no finger? And then he goes the one not if I don't if really don't I think I need one even if you don't need it that bad I had one right before I had back surgery once and there was no need because I'm having back surgery. Not Ask surgery right so the guy says Mister Rosenbaum will get you know this protocol so if you could bend ova. I want you to know that. Don't be embarrassed. Some men some men not all men but they occasionally only Jackie late and I told him if this happens. I'm going to jump eight stores to my dad. Thought this window of shame. Shame embarrassed. Could you imagine you're you're there as a straight guy gay guy and this guy puts a finger in your load in this hospital floor. It'd be tough. It's just not personal. It's not a personal intimate moment. Then WanNa have that you want to remember really you know. Yeah you want something with a little bit more ambience to tomorrow tomorrow do they. Did they wake up in time to procedure feature. I think it's around one and we're going to beat around twelve thirty. I'm going under the gas the gas or can the short. You wonder you gas asked where you could take where you can take the heavy duty drugs. You don't like that. Well you know. It's not that but I'm told that where I was warned that you might not feel pain but feel something and I don't WanNa feel anything I don't need to remember this just like going there. Tell me what's what's up and I'll wake up and then you tell tell me and so I'm going to go with the anesthesia but you're going to anesthesia. So you can go in a seizure or gas. We don't know the gasping the anesthesia or like like got like opioids like j just like intervening wannabe out. I WANNA be out. I WANNA wake up and go. You weren't in my ass. Yeah I don't think you were. You can't prove it. Yeah Yeah there's equally show pictures. No Oh there they are. Yeah you were there okay fine you nervous a little bit. I SHOULDN'T BE I. I never used to be nervous about stuff like this. And I'm not really very nervous but had surgery before like adenoids out tonsils kid and it needles..

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