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When one APP rules all the case of we chat and mobile in China by Connie, Chan, I published August Twenty fifteen. You can also find an share this essay at a success dot com slash mobile I China. This post is all about we chat, but it's also about more than just we chat while seemingly just a messaging APP, which had his actually more of a portal, a platform, and even a mobile operating system depending how you look at it. Much has been written about. We had in the context of messaging APP, Trans but few outside of China really understand how it works, and how it can pull off what for many companies and countries still far off? Vision of a world managed entirely through our smartphones. Many of which most interesting features such as access to city services are not even visible to users outside of China. So why should people outside of China even care about we chat? The first and most obvious reason is that points to where facebook and other messaging APPs could head. Second we chat indicates where the future of mobile commerce may lie. Third we chat shows us what it's like to be both a platform and a mobile portal what Yahoo could have been. Ultimately however we chat should matter to all of us because it shows what's possible when an entire country which currently has a smartphone penetration of sixty two percent. That's almost one third of its population leapfrogs. Era Directly to mobile. We felt was not a product started as a website, and then was adapted for Mobile to paraphrase a certain movie. It was born into it molded by. Most notable, however for anyone in the tech business, we average revenue per user or are Pu, which is estimated to be at least seven dollars us. That's seven. The arpaio of what's up the largest messaging platform in the world. So. How did we chat do it the first some background? WHAT IS WE CHOP? Known in Chinese as wishing which translates to micro letter, which had his first and foremost,.

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