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Over to the winter meetings at all. And if you can't get what you want as far as negotiation goes willing to negotiate you can't go anywhere. And that's why Harper who is Harper linked to right now. What team would you say is the leader for Bryce Harper. Question. I'm not sure wouldn't be you know, everybody does the dodgers. But it could be going back to the nationals. Nice. No, he an an bed with anybody. So it's all whatever's going on behind closed doors with Scott Boras. So I don't know that the eighties. Haven't had as meaningful conversations as Washington or LA or anybody else for that matter. So we're comparing what we've been told what's been reported about the length of contracts and negotiations and the like do the media we're getting it basically from Baras, and he's going to handle it the way that he wants doesn't mean that the Yankees can't get involved doesn't mean it can't get involved, but you have to play by Boris's rules when you're talking about a bars client. Thanks for both roughly around numbers the same amount of money and the contract. No. We're talking about the same thing. No, no Harper is going to get more was going to get higher av out average annual value, and he's going to get more years. If they're doing something. Nice when I say, not twenty eight ten year deals. I just think cost per just makes more sense surrounded with you know, you got don't forget who. Harper is guaranteed guaranteed to get ten because Washington already put ten on the table. So why why why would Harper settle for eight years somewhere else? He's going to get ten and probably more than that Machado. You might be able to get down to seven or eight. But I don't think any less than seven probably going to be more like eight or nine but Harper's guaranteed to get ten years. And it could be more like eleven or twelve and I think is a better player. So therefore if everything is correctly, judge and you just gone by the stats. He deserves to have a longer contract hire a. Eight seven seven three three seven six six six Richard Steve Mike, Vince hanging. Got you guys come back on the other side..

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