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I just it with you today. How we've been in this thing three years strong and we still trying to get the technology together. I will tell you. Part of the issue with the podcast is the same thing that makes the podcast so much fun and that is that we do it live. If all i had to do was sit at a microphone and record it would be so much easier. But we're basically trying to have a live talk show and recorded for the podcast and sometimes it just be a struggle but listen here i am on the bus of struggles still signing up because i love you all so much this year i have been talking to god about. Women evolve about being more intentional about what we're communicating and howard communicating. This is the last week february and this month. We have been talking about acceptance. If you've been connected you know. In january we talked about messy messy. Nisa changed the messiness of our life. The messiness of becoming who. We're supposed to be in god and this month we've been talking about acceptance because you can be messy and still accepted. You can learn to accept truth. You can learn to accept competence. Love enjoy enjoy is what we are focusing on this week when the scripture says the lord the joy of the lord is our strength. It's hard to find the connection between joy and strength because all have you ever noticed this like all when we're talking about like being strong growing up as kids being strong when we're in our friendship circles are being strong. It's there's never any joy connected to it. When we think of strength we think of hard we think about You know being unflinching we think about standing up to life and yet the truth is scripture tells us that the connection to strength is joy so if you are the strong friend or if you're trying to find strength i want to challenge you to not become hard but to find joy. Have you ever lost someone and degreef is so heavy and so pervasive and yet you have this memory that comes to your mind and suddenly you're laughing laughing uncontrollably and for a minute you feel them close to you for a minute. It's like they're they're with you because that memory is so fresh and you feel stronger than you did. When you were sitting in the grief joy that comes even in the middle of grief gives us strength to stand up to the present painful that is our life jolie even in the middle of being brought. I have been broke sometimes and been like laughing at something this like. It's not even funny. Like i can still go get make chicken like i not be able to afford that but i can still go get chicken like that. It's not even funny and yet for some reason. I feel a little less broke. When i'm laughing. My husband and i could be in the middle of a of a heated exchange and he could look at me or say something or bring up this memory. And i will start live and now i can't even be angry anymore because of joy i want to remind you that is this year is toughest things can become that the key is always that things change. Sometimes that we find joy in the middle of the president. I am like you. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the mask. I'm ready to travel. I'm ready to be out without fear. I'm there to and yet. It is a joy that has allowed us to have moments of intense reprieve in the middle it on so mad challenge for you. This week is to do something that makes you laugh. Watch a comedy show. Go follow some stupid stupidity council on social media that just walk around doing dumb stuff bind you a main that lightens up your soul. This podcast bring you to. Maybe i need I need a song about joining academy song. That's about smiling. That's not a badgley. Any song about joy.

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