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Magazine. I'm your host arianna bravo and this is the author sport podcast. That's revolt has taken. His first win of the season on parade and usa backed himself the extra point four fastest lap. He was joined on the podium. By the red fluids of max for staff and checker peres shawna clark. Amp for ahead of lewis hamilton. Who looked set for a podium finish until a late pitstop. So giving up the places as a result max stop and take him back. The championship lead with six point advantage call assigned secure driver of the day after a solid performance. So passing through the pat from the back of the grid to finish in the points in p eight. I am joined today by jess mcfadden. Director chew strategy for might support network and leaks smith or sports f one editor. I'm pleased to be back on the part of having to miss saatchi at big. Thanks to martin for stepping in their jess. Luke thanks for joining leakier untuckit an extra bit. Thanks for joining us. Afghan back from the track. The full we really get into things and dissect how everything unfolded let star as we always do with a quick roundup of your race ratings nuke you were that in in the midst of all what are you gonna give. Maybe a five. I think might be quite fair. Five or six. I thought it was a very interesting race. Something that will look good little storyline. So they're coming through. And i thought we saw lots of good overtaking bit voluntary action even at the front. I guess yeah. It was pretty straightforward for us and there was a point when i was kind of thinking. Is anyone going to pay. All we can have just a no stock race at the blight to flag. That would have been very strange. A of intrigue over the pit stops and winds. Come in and weather's come in which obviously played against louis hamilton. The huge story. I guess after the race but yeah it was a funny. I i think i would settle on a on a six. I think for okay. You went up a little bit that as you spoke three. That jess what you're gonna say. I think i'm actually glad that looks at that. Because i couldn't. I couldn't tell how i felt about it. And just before we came on air. I was starting to talk about how i felt about the right scenario and was like stop no save with us but yeah i felt a bit strange. I don't even know how to really describe it. Not quite i just like the. It felt like that was going on. And i'm sure there's gonna be lots for us to discuss but not actually too much to kind of get overly excited by thames of a race. It didn't really play out super excitingly. They were just a lot of pockets of things in the way things ended up in the way that things have ended with quite dramatic strategy. Call from mercedes is kind of givers enough to talk about. But yeah it wasn't exactly a thriller and whip said on previous poke costs before the. I usually a judge a race based on how often i'm kind of looking away and checking other things like what's going on on twitter and i did it quite a lot during that race. Which is why. I feel like it was quite low down that kind of waiting in the latter stages to see if the track would dry out which mysteriously it just never did or at least not to a point where we kind of go any change away from the interviews that we saw so yes strange. One i think y- i'm tearing bef- to in between timing varying between a five and a six so maybe i'll get five and a half. Just to kind of sit in the middle straddle. Those two schools. I'm sitting between a five and a six as while. I'm not entirely sure where i would pin. I thought they were flashes of really engaging stuff like jessica said and then other times was Is kind of drying out low bit. So i'm probably gonna go five and a half. I feel like that's harsh but guy with that without now. We'll what change reminds me under the poet before we continue. Let's quickly run down. How the race unfolded. Courtesy of alex kalinowka so to sports grand prix edita at the start of the cars were fitted with intermediate ties. The top three scrambled off the line with batas comfortably leading the sapin into town one despite the tricky conditions. Earning lock one incidents Tapping fernando alonzo as the. Alpine tried to sweep outside the round the fast Which spun him down to. The rear of the failed where he was involved in a clash that led to make schumacher spinning at turn. Four on lap two and then also nicholas latifi spinning by himself at ta nine pig housley was given five second time penalty for his contact with lonzo. While alonzo who's received a five second penalty for his contact with schumacher. Batas led by one point. Three seconds at the end of the fast lap and file lap ten his lead had reached two point four seconds having grown suddenly on the two laps previous at which point hamilton had reached seven often nipping by passing vessel at the final corner on lap. One and then making his way past you. Senator launch stroll in successive tools on laps. Eight and nine to sonoda had held them at bay in the early stages hamilton then nipped ahead of landowners to take sick at nine on leprosy four hamilton reach perez. I'm pat engaged in a thrilling fight with how it's an attacking the red bull outside of tan twelve and staying alongside. All the way to the final corner peres at one stage. Cutting behind the pit lane entry bought off the mercedes forced him wide at the penultimate corner. The bats will continue to town where paris boldly hung onto the inside and stayed in fourth place with the bathroom. Then see preceded by the leaders. Putting red bull pulled the trigger by pitching chapman for fresh into on lap. Thirty six with potus following him in the next time round and easily keeping delayed while perez came in and then rejoined behind.

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