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Yeah if it if it feels like. It's going to develop something more than you'll try and add some changes. Yeah i think everyone writes songs kind of the same you know. Something's gonna hear people. They have these. Like i know slightly. Grind was stories of their inspiration. And i'm like bill show. You just sat down and played until say the goods like everyone else on the planet but is changed with technology. Because no no i use logic. I use use a computer that i can economic Things up to quite a developed level whereas back in the day we started the ninety s and it would it would actually just be like going in with look like a very basic idea and everyone just playing in the room till till it sounded like music. Yeah you feel. Like technology is kind of streamline the the amount of time from inception to production absolutely. I'm like i mean even just like you can just immediately decide. What kind of sewn something can be like whereas before. Yeah you have to kind of just play our own until yet you had bandmates in the room to kind of decide whether it's a load or a quiet song or or like that. Yeah i mean as i it's definitely made things. It's just completely changed. It's like it's like the it's like explaining teenager. What life was like with a mobile phone. People are people are just so people are so used to some things know that like the idea of no existing would just go their mind. I had a similar conversation with my two boys who are under ten and as explaining put in when i was growing up we didn't have streaming. Everything was live on tv. And if you miss you missed it or maybe you had somebody tape it for you on a on a vhs tape like boo their minds like like why. You couldn't just watch it whenever you wanted like. That's crazy. Yeah yeah as the world is disgustingly. Convenient is really like yeah yeah. Kids don't know how lucky they are again. Things used to be a real ball ache. Like whoever catch the latest episode of the x files or whatever was not as easy as things that are. Well if i can go and back to the music so now with there. Being so much less hindrance did bringing an idea to fruition technologically. Do you ever find yourself in any way overwhelmed by the amount of options that are available..

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