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And i i don't know what the the reason for that was but that seems to be the pattern so so hopefully this time you know we'll we'll become we'll be able to come up with the album or song or a show that we do that will convince more people that these guys really do some businesses so that's what we're after how long have you said are you playing on the when when when it's the were you're gonna do some breakoff shows on your own or just with saxon but when with the three bill package when you're in the first lot with priest how long the set are you having well see now this is the tough safety here any i've talked to i talked to biff last night about it and we're we're both playing sets that are probably do short it says we played in thirty thirty five years we we've got a a forty minutes lots and sampson have the fifty now the hard thing with that is not you know not what songs you're gonna put him but what's on are you not going to play and there's always gonna be songs or people are gonna come up and say why didn't you do blow up or why did you do that and so i think you know maybe the plan is we're gonna try to mix it up a lot of on this tour you know in one city will play this in the next city will maybe add to two different songs and and and try to go that route through so we can play as many of the blacks their writers sohn's as we possibly can i mean that's really the only way we can can do it but yeah you know you're in the starting blocks you know bang okay forty minutes bang you're up you know so you gotta hit them hard and quick as fast as fast as you can so.

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