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Jason King is a jobs expert for Global talent solutions firm Robert Half National in Sacramento on what is such a hot jobs market it is and employers have definitely ramping up their hired efforts right now. And they're not alone. And it's one of the most competitive job markets that I have particularly seen. I've been in this market for over 17 years and I have never seen anything like it right now. Job optimism is through the roof. So when you say job optimism, that means your choice of jobs. What do you mean by that? Yes. So there is definitely a talent shortage out there. Similarly like right now, with the housing bill. I mean, it is definitely an employee's market or candidate driven market right now, and so candidates obviously know that and they're leveraging better pay job title. Better flexibility with their work schedules, even sign on bonuses over half of the companies that we've research. I think it was close to 54 57% are now offering signing bonuses now the lure individuals to work for their organization. It's interesting. You said job titles because I guess just even a better job title will help you down the line, perhaps on a resume or something. Yes, very, very true. So I know and job titles for some are more important than others. But two year point. Um if someone wants to particularly, you know, get their career moving into a different direction. Whether they wanted to move somewhere within their next 3 to 5 Year plan. Having a specific job title could get them into that next role. How do you think the Sacramento market shapes up against other cities? It just like with other cities. It's very hot. I would say Sacramento's unemployment rate is still within the five. I want to say to laugh I thought was at five point Happen when you're looking at a global national unemployment averages closer up to the 5.96 marks, so it's a very tight employment marketing within Sacramento. Sacramento. I love Sacrament. It's always been such a sweet spot because it's so close to obviously the Bay Area and so many different areas. It's also an attractive place to work, too. So I think everything with that coming together. It just makes it a great place, and it's a very, very hot job market in Sacramento. How long do you see it Lasting Jason. I think this will go on well into next year. I mean, obviously over through Q three Q three and Q four. I want to say that one in three employers are actually looking to add. New positions to their organizations over the next couple of quarters, which I also think will transition into next year. One of the reasons why I definitely think that is the case is I just didn't economic panel and survey with an economist for U C L A and one of the things that we were discussing. Is that this is the highest quit rate that we have ever seen when it comes to unemployment standpoint, meaning that people are leaving their jobs right now without jobs because the market is so hot, and that's not something that's going to tail off. And you know, one or two quarters. I see this going way into 2020. Yeah, very interesting. And that again is Jason King. He's a jobs expert for Robert Half International in Sacramento. You can hear more from him at kfbk dot com. The afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil traffic.

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