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You know, honestly, facts have to be laid down and everybody has to, you know, evaluated and whether it's true or not, and you know, go from there. The $10,000 campaign was coordinated by a group known as prep school Accountability and comes in response to things like Critical Race theory, which Orders described as anti racism ideology. Some parents argue such lessons alienate certain groups and cause division rather than fostering diversity. Others argue the curriculum in many New York City schools. It's rooted in gathering diverse voices and backgrounds within learning materials, as opposed to anything approaching indoctrination. Following years of debate, Connecticut is one step closer to legalizing marijuana. Liz Warner reports in a narrow 19 to 17 vote this morning, the state Senate approved the bill that would bring legal recreational marijuana. To Connecticut. We have seen what has been right by having a war on drugs. Whole communities have been decimated. I totally oppose this. I think it sends a horrible message. To our young people. Six Democrats voted against the bill and one Republican voted in support of the proposal. That bill now advances to the House and, if passed, would legalize pot possession for adults next month and would allow recreational sales of marijuana to begin next year. California's largest teachers union is backing Governor Gavin Newsom in his recall election. The vote was finalized Saturday. Union president E. Toby Boyd says they didn't always agree with his approach, but they've never questioned his commitment. The California Teachers Association represents over 300,000 teachers. The Ceta State Council of Education who made the vote consists of around 700 teachers recall supporters have gathered over 1.7 million valid signatures to put the issue on a ballot. Lisa Taylor, NBC news radio The.

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