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You know, I'm from Ohio State We reach you guys have ever Bragging rights are very important and it's realistic. And so when we're when I was out east of the General Foods, and we had those kind of games where you might beat in Ohio's theater in Michigan. I've said some teams. That was a great feeling, and I think that's realistic. It's not somebody didn't well, it doesn't mean the thing it does. And that's what But even today when I When I finished as athletic director, and I went to the first game, I just walked around and tailgate parties and see people and things like this. And the number of people who came up and said Thank you. That's what it meant to them, and it really means a lot because that's really what it's all about. And so somebody say thank you, then. You know, it's like because you were in the same position that they were. And now they feel that they've got the tradition and success and that they are very proud about that, and so is tangible and I think that that's Wisconsin cyst right now because the program has continued to be successful and the resources of television Packages and things like this. The opportunities come by, and and you want to make sure that you're irrelevant. And as we said before, provide that added value, because that's where it's at, because again, they don't need you to survive. And so you don't want to. When we first took over, we had We had a student fee and things like that. You know, you don't have those kinds of things today. Well, you talk about tangible. How about renovated Camp Randall Stadium, a coal center. You know the upgrade to the world class facilities. That you didn't inherit right? Those those were those were, uh, you know, tangible, you know results of of your 14 years while you were there, So it wasn't just you know the program in a better place, But the experience or, you know so many athletes in so many different sports, and so many fans experiencing those sports And I think they do encourage, Cole said it best when he, uh it was kind of ironic because I we were announcing a new basketball coach Dick Bennett, and I didn't want to have it on the day that it probably should have happened, which would have been called on April Fool's Day. The I said, We're not going to announce the football basketball questions. April Fool's. Let's move it up a couple days and we do it. Okay, great. After we announced Dick and had the press conference and then went back to my office got a call from Sandy Wilcox at the foundation, he said. Say Ace on Saturday. We're going to announce $25 Million gift from Senator Herb Kohl. Guess what did is April Fool's Day, So I said we didn't know it's dick better. But we're not the $25 million gift, which most people didn't believe he believe realize the importance of that. And and when he was asked by what why did he do? He could have used it for many, many other things. Because they wanted to, and he felt that strongly about the university. That's where he wanted to invest, and we had a great time. We're looking around the countries with him and the kind of facility and it still to this day. Even though it's over 2020 years old. That it's a great facility. It's and those are the kinds of things that elevated Wisconsin's reputation. Yeah, Chatting with Pat Richter is number. 88 retired at Camp Randall Stadium that he helped renovate during his 14 years as director of athletics. So you're the longest tenured director of athletics at the time. When you step down and Barry took over. Um, what do you think? I mean, you've seen Barry run a football team. What do you think was going to be his ability to run that program? Well, I thought he would run. The program was in pretty good shape. A lot of things that cleared the decks. I mean, we obviously had to deal with cutting of sports to get herself financially viable, and we had a title dying situation that occurred and so Those things have been kind of put to bed. And so the program was was in place and they had good coaches and to find the biggest, they all said to him, I said The best thing you can do for yourself as an athletic director when he first took over his B a damn good football coach because that's really what it is in football is successful, and everything else kind of comes along with it. Then, of course, probably the biggest thing in the big 10 was, Of course, the television revenues I mean, To think that they get like $50 million A year is just incredible. And it's based on the strength of the conference, obviously, and but I remember when we first started out when I'm with very I mean, we had to try to find a million dollars every year in the budget money, New money. Just the same system basically called cause for our role of costs and to remain the same not to do a lot of interesting new things because that's the way the budget works. It's just the role of costs are Things that just improve your process Only if you can add more moneys in philanthropy and development and good support, And and those things happen with the success of the program. So, Pat before we let you go, and you think About Barry Alvarez. And you know his legacy. Uh, you know, coaching, and then in that director of athletics roll What's the thing that stands out to you about? Uh, you know about this now, you know, 30 year plus era, uh, from the day from the day you hired him to, uh, the today he's stepping down this week. I'll tell you what it's uh you kind of puts it in perspective of 30 years. Maybe does that a long time to you, young guys, But I'll tell you what it went pretty dog gone fast at this think that that's happened and where that period of time. And I think like anything else, that we are grateful for the the things that he did, and, uh, and the success that he had because that gave us an opportunity to bring back a world class university to the world class. University with a solid athletic program and and the people are there that after we left carried on that that tradition, and I think it may be even stronger and In a daylight day like today, which is very complicated. It's not easy and you have to be relevant magazine Martin Post birth thing is that Looking back on it and things that we said we provided added value, and that's what he did. And and I think that when we had a strategic planning, we wanted to hope to get to a ball game and do the final four and things like that. We With that in writing that in the year 2000 What would you look back and see would like to have accomplished And now they've been able to build on and be very much more successful as well and have good people in place and be a good program that everybody around the country would love. That's very important because you know that gives you recruiting base and people support and they know that the solid run by solid people who have been able to be successful and to build on the traditions that have been University, Wisconsin's history. Today's replay of Barry Week from ESPN. Wisconsin, is sponsored by the Wisconsin alumni Association and iron Jock. We.

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