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So in that the son's at a certain angle, it is six thirty five AM. Okay, wow deal. What was your take on the film and you saw? I thought it was too long. Liz, probably an hour to an hour and a half, two long. Wait. You wanted to thirty minute film. I wanted to thirty minute fill. It was two and a half, two hours and twenty five minutes. Yeah, I watched it last night and I counted as long film. Yeah, it was. I thought it was good. I, I enjoyed it. I love Matt, Damon. I didn't think it was a comedy. I know one Golden Globe for best comedy. That's correct one the best motion picture for musical or comedy and best actor musical or comedy to David. Yeah, nor musical neat. Neither comedy, correct? Yeah. But did that some had Kristen wig and Donald Glover. Right, but as a -sarily being funny, it wasn't like filled with jokes or anything? No, maybe twice controversial characterization, but I thought it was hilarious. Actually everything that Damon had to do and the quirky NASA guy. I thought it was funny, but I agree that I would not have categorized it as a comedy either. I would have tended to stick it in the drama category. Exactly trying to straddle that line. I think there were a lot of parts also, but the way that a lot of action movies are funny or the way a lot of drama movies are funny where it's like, oh, it's nice that there's comic relief and such, but I wouldn't. Yes. It's a comedy film, right? So, but I liked it. Okay. Great. Yeah, yeah, I liked it as well. I thought it was entertaining. I thought it was fun. I like that it was seemingly accurate. Like there wasn't too many parts where I just felt like, oh, that's totally ridiculous. You know, it really felt like, oh, this kind of, you know, legit space movie. I just wouldn't know. I have no idea like get into it. Yeah, there were a lot of things where I was like, is that accurate? I guess we'll find out things that are not, but that is okay. Okay. Talk about it. We'll separate the fact from fiction here today. I have a lot of questions but, but before even get into that, I saw one of your emails that you were saying that it's a big week for those of us who are deciding where to send Rovers to Mars that there's like a Mars twenty twenty science team that is having like. Pre workshop meetings? Yeah, this is a big week. It actually starts tomorrow. We are deciding where to send the next Rover, which is going to launch in the year twenty twenty and there's a whole planet out there as anyone who's watched the Martian can appreciate their long distances to be considered. You can't get everywhere. And so we, the science community have to decide what is the golden spot for this for this Rover to go speaking of golden spot. Are you considering Asadollah plenty Shia? No, acidly. Plenty Shas not on the list. Norrish chaperone crater from from a, you know, following the water on Mars, looking for life. Those are not the most exciting places to go, but they are flat places to land. And so the Martian did nail that they got that right are good places flat places to land and so they are safe, but we're gonna try to go somewhere a little bit more exciting from the life front with our twenty twenty Rover. What does that mean? Exciting life on the front. That means we're going to go some place where there is a lot of evidence for water in the past flowing through rocks and we're gonna take a look at those rocks and see if there any Microfossils or bio signatures of life with this next Rover, I hope you find it. I have said she said it's a big week and but it was nice actually to kick off this week by watching the Martian which which had a little fun with Mars exploration before we get into the work later in the week..

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