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Yeah, We had a story about that Sunday. Rod Keller, who writes for the sight of a really good piece about what Scientologists are being told. Which is that They're being very careful not to even mention his name, but saying that one of our you know Scientologists is being unfairly accused Scientologists are just really trained not to look at the news. You know it's pertaining to Scientology. They know that if they actually start investigating this and reading about critical things about the church, they could get hauled in for interrogation and get thousands of dollars to be questioned about it. So Scientologists are very good at making sure Hey, Don't look at any of this kind of news. Is Tom Cruise looking at anything lately? Where the hell is he? You know, there's been some reports in the British press of him being over there. I'm not entirely sure, though. They're accurate reports. I mean, the last thing I saw was that I mean, he's definitely completing this. Double level penthouse condo in Clearwater, Florida within the footprint of the Scientology, spiritually MEChA there called the Flag Land Base. Well. He basically took over the top two floors and bought other floors for his sister's no question, a sign of loyalty to the Church of Scientology, and that's I think that's still going through the finishing touches. Now there's these reports. He's in England. I think he's been over there to film a movie, but I I don't know that some of these active reports are accurate about him actually staying at the Scientology headquarters there. I'm a little skeptical of that. Do you think you'll ever ever leave? Well, you know, it's hard to say because, you know, I think Paul Haggis Lee described it best in the movie going clearly said that once you buy into this powerful idea that you're part of the small group that has the true secret of existence. All of the criticism just makes you dig in your heels because, of course, if we have the secret and everybody else is jealous of it. They're going to call us names, and so you know, people like Tom Cruise he's bought and totally. I know a lot of people like to think that he's only in it because they have information about it. No, he really believes this stuff. Yeah. Wow, honey, It's so good to talk to you Cash. It's been a while. It's been a good time on your show. Yeah, love and and and we are going to keep our eye on that. As faras. The mainstream media does need to identify Danny Masterson as Scientologists because that is a key part. Of his how he got away with this two. I mean, he's a lifelong Scientology. He grew up in it all three of his victims that are being charged under. We're Scientologists at the time, and the reason they didn't come forward earlier in it, they say, was because of Scientology. I mean, Scientology is completely wrapped up in this thing. And I think it's going to get even worse. As you know, there's going to be some revelations coming up about Scientology's role. So these news organizations really need to get educated about that. They can't just ignore that. Well, I would like you to be on with my wish. Gail would call you or Robin Roberts. I mean, you are you are Leo or I guess my grender. All three of you guys are whenever you talk about Anything Scientology or have anything to say? I mean, we always have pay attention because you guys have worked relentlessly exposing and you guys have You know, gun had a lot of crap. Come your way to because of it. Yeah, they like to go after us. But you know what This is. These are the stories that matter, and I really think people are going to have their eyes open to a lot of stuff went as this case goes forward. All right, Tony work. We're going to talk to you again. Soon. It was nicely and you guys go to the underground bunker and you can follow Tony Ortega on Twitter. 20. Tell everyone your Twitter handle. I'm 20 or taken 94 on Twitter, the website of Tony or take it dot org's Thankyou. Thankyou, Tony. Thank you so much. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. Attacked two later. All right. That's good. I'm glad we caught up with him. He knows what the hell he's talking fan a hot second since we've talked in five years, and I am in studio Amber. Donnie was like, Oh, you girls. He surprised us with Tony because we have been seriously this around the village voice. When we first started on the air, we I would go down to Shen Ders to get it. No, not at all. In 2002 for show Prep was called gender. Oh, yes, It was all Netscape in geo cities. All right, we'll be right back with the dirt alert. Get your laughs after lunch, or any time with Colleen and Bradley Christian or really cooked the books because the perception of you being wealthy leads to you having opportunities that other people don't have No, being a billionaire gets you more money. Yeah, because people are like, Oh, you're a billionaire. Here have some of this money. It's like the most American thing right. Call myself a billionaire act like a billionaire, and then I'll be a billionaire. Because then you can go to billionaire restaurant like a fellow billionaires knowing Oh, look, it's billionaire and then they're like, Here's your food on the house billionaire. Thanks for coming Billy in there For some reason, I've never figured out Let's give rich people stuff of free. Colleen and Bradley. Listen, life or podcast it any time at my talk 1071 dot.

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