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That is home to doctors and professors. Todd gordon naw schenker arnav kumar padre and dorothy who then all of the school of zoology of the george wise faculty of life sciences of tel-aviv university with schenker and who john also holding sinecures at the amazing sign. Heart museum of natural history who working with professor loot chairman of the department of biology at the university of padua just-published. Their astonishing discovery of an astonishing species called an assyrian. That can be try. Second cut into three pieces each piece of which will regenerate all the organs of the original organism. All this will be all too familiar to avid readers of the journal. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology. Who will seen there in the most. Recent number a soko essay by gordon. Chang car padre money and john puckish lee called and then there were three extreme regeneration. Ability of the solitary coordinate polycarp meiktila era in which tidal not only does the jocular fo- hollywood of the title. Jump out then. There were three or for that matter. The reference to the classic nineteen seventy eight genesis album and then there were three but no doubt the word coordinate also jumps out because therein lies much of the astonishment of this astonishing discovery of the tel aviv scientists and the hanger on from italy. No i joke just like catholics are practically italians are practically israelis and we're happy to have you on the team. Coordinates are animals belonging to a large Called core datta membership in which is defined by possession of a stiff rod of cartilage that runs the extent of the trunk of the organism's body known as note accord. Also a dorsal nerve cord farren geel slits and a tale all coordinates are bilaterally symmetric have circulatory systems among the animals. That have all these traits. Are your sea. Squirts your star fishes and also your birds. You reptiles your infineon's and your mammals to put it in terms that folks raised on television. Well understand nemo flounder. The crab bill. The lizard iago the parrot five or the immigrant mouse and balu. The cultural appropriating bear are all coordinates. Jiminy cricket on the other hand is not neither. Is buzz light year but that's only because he's a toy and this is probably the most important point bashful..

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