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If you're entire opinion on the game of football, it's solely based on the math. I'm sorry, you don't know football. Yeah. You can use the math to inform opinions, but you'd better be able to use your own. Well, that was my home. Better be aware situationally. Yeah, that was my whole thing with the patrons getting the field goal. Because all the nerds on Twitter are saying, how do you kick a field goal there? And I'm like, have you seen the Patriots red zone off in this year? Exactly. Have you seen the Patriots red zone offense this year? It's hunter Henry and it's nobody else. They can't do anything else besides throw the ball to hunter Henry in the end zone when they get into the low red zone or high red zone. So if you watch them all year long like you and I have and all the people in the chat have and stuff like that, you would recognize that fourth and 7 for the Patriots from a fourth and goal from the 7 is I don't know, I don't have a fancy algorithm to put a percentage on it is what? Maybe a 10% play for the math itself at 9%. Yeah. So it's just such a low low percentage. I want to move off this though. I want to hit on two more things before we sign up here real quickly. But wait, I want to hear one more time. How are you feeling about the math right now? Skeptical. Punt blocks. Yes. Three of them. All righty this year, I'm incorrectly and I want to apologize to delaunay to buy. It was Jakob Johnson that missed the block on the punt block on Saturday night. Matt chatham did a great breakdown of what exactly happened that the guy right to the long snappers left and right. They kind of help the long snapper, get on his block before they go and block their own guys just because Joe cardona has got to snap the ball of his head down. So they gotta give a little forearm shiver to the guy over the long snapper to make sure that Joe cardona can get on his block. And then they get out to their block. Jakob Johnson held a little bit too long on his help, assignment, and didn't get to his real assignment. But this has happened three times now. We talked to cam accord every single week. I think cam accord is a great coach. I think he's got energy. I think he's a smart guy..

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