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And now move the sticks with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks everybody. What's going on? Dj Okay and Bucky here for move the sticks buck. How you doing? Ma'am Madam good man. I can't complain. It's Thursday before a big football weekend. Great slate of games in the NFL. We get to see some of these big time quarterback square off against one another. You know that is always fun and so you know what it is. I've got to I need to wish our friend here. A little luck here. Because we've got a big football game coming up for our buddy out there. Now hold on one second here the key to our lips lipscomb academy here. They've got a big playoff game and Our Buddy Trent dilfer Robertson program. So we're just giving giving them a little a little shoutout here. Thanks for the swag and we're We're we're pulling for you guys all the way across the country this week. Yeah how about that. So Trent Finish up the season they were right around five hundred maybe six five but in the playoffs they have played lights out. And I think it'd be great to have him enjoy. Come on to talk about it but I think you spend half the year trying to figure out who you are and what you are and how this coaching thing worked worked. And then he's Puerto together and they have a chance to win the whole deal and they're they're playing a team that beat them twenty eight to seven early in the year but you know how those rematches watches are. Sometimes it can be difficult to knock off. No you never know but I'm excited to see what happens for him this Friday. Yeah we'll be we'll be keeping an eye on that score or on the Internet and see what happens there with our buddy so we got a fun episode that including a great guest. We're going to chat with boomer. Esiason someone you WanNa talk about quarterbacks. And the changing of the guard. Some of these old quarterbacks on the way out some new quarterbacks young quarterbacks thriving and on their way up Get a chance to talk with boomer about that. We're going to also look at the second round in the upcoming draft book. We've been talking a lot about the The just sheer volume of quality players. We've seen in that round we've talked about in the last couple episode so I thought let's let's spring forward here and let's look at the teams who kind of control the second round. We've got some teams with multiple picks there. They've got a chance to really upgrade their roster so we'll preview that After that book I mean I think we're gonNA answer some questions to be always has some questions. Everybody leaves us there on On Apple podcast. We'll get some of those questions answered as well. Yeah let's do this. It's jump right into it. Let's get to it all right. Let's let's jump into the quarterback thing here because It is fascinating and I think you touched on this on the The last episode with ret How we're seeing kind of that? Two thousand four class. You know that great class like Manning's been benched. Rothlisberger has it's been out for the year Rivers has struggled as of late. And then you look at drew brees not quite playing at that drew brees level work custom to you know consistently weekend and week out out good but not at the level that he was. How much longer does he have and maybe they win the Super Bowl? He rides off into the sunset. Tom Brady's struggled this yearbook. So there's some them teams while we have so many talented young quarterbacks there's some teams that Coming up this spring I believe if have got to look towards the future we've talked about these teams. was that you're mentioning. We've talked about him for a while. And how they needed to find their next quarterback and now some of these teams maybe really up against it When you talk about Rivers Brady Breeze Big Ben ally will allies out and you know we have Daniel? General Citizen Natural Secession Plan. Dana Jones is starting on the field. Right now A big man. We're seeing Mason Rudolph and I don't know Mason Rudolph. I have more questions than answers about him. And whether he can be a franchise quarterback drew brees has teddy bridgewater behind. I'm right now but teddy. Bridgewater is an unrestricted free agent. After this year Tom Brady. I don't know if they have a young solution. We can talk about Jerusalem but who knows if visa and then in Philip Rivers. I don't know if they have a succession plan with the chargers. And so what we're seeing is maybe the end of an era and you look ahead to the twenty twenty draft supply and demand. Is the supply great enough to meet the man. When it comes to franchise quarterbacks yes steer a lot of quarterbacks? Do we'll talk about probably coming off the board. In the first two rounds Bahama any of those guys are legit franchise quarterbacks that we really feel good about about these guys. Potentially taking the franchise for the next five to ten years now look. We've seen the excitement. The excited excited offenses in the fan. Bases around some of these young quarterbacks Buchan. You're seeing some of the fear. Somebody's other cities where you want. Okay where do we go next. What's you know what's next in line? I WANNA point out this this factor. I just went and sort of this by QB rating okay So this this is where we are right now. The top ten quarterbacks based Don QB rating. I know that's A. That's a little bit of floods number. But it gives you a just a big picture view here. Russell Wilson Kirk cousins Patrick mahomes Lamar Jackson. Matthew Stafford Derek Carr drew bees seventh Dak Prescott eight to Shawn Watson Nine Aaron Rodgers ten. I would argue outside of drew brees. Who is a good athlete late? But who doesn't run all of the other nine. And you think about guys like Kirk cousins Matthew Stafford Derek Carr Aaron Rodgers. Those guys are all athletic. And when when when I mean by that is they can get themselves away from some pressure when you get a free man. They have a chance to make that guy. Miss and Winfrey yards are opened up When you you have a chance at a lot of times you see man coverage on third down and you've got a chance to pick up that seven eight nine yards with your legs? Those guys are fully capable of doing that. And that's why I to me. You look where the leaks headed. I think it's all connected buck we we've talked about the style of play at the college level that's made its way up to the NFL level. So that's what the College Games giving you. Yes you better figure out how to run a similar type of offense and another thing that we always hit on. Here is the lack of offensive lineman. So if you're not having a fortress in front of you you're GonNa have leaks and if you don't have the athleticism to be able to help yourself out man it's GonNa be hard going forward is going to be really hurry going forward and you know the funny thing that that you mentioned when you brought up the top ten right. The top Chan quarterbacks according to Cuba or passer rating whatever. The is that you mentioned that I still deal with say are kind of more traditional pocket. Passers would be Matthew Stafford. Maybe Kirk cousins athletic enough to make plays on the outside but that's not really their game but in saying that they're still older players so when you look at what we call the next generation the guys that are maybe five years under the common denominator between the young quarterbacks that are playing well they all have counted. I won't call them true do threats but they do have some dual threat capability athletic enough to get on the outside but still can win from the pocket. And I think what you're seeing. I would say the perfect office in the National Football League right now. Where are you? Don't have to worry about the quarterback that you have is a cow Shanahan Gary Kubiak system. Because I think that offense allows you to have again. That's not as athletic as Russell. Wilson or Lamar Jackson or to Shawn Watson but you're able to utilize some of the athleticism to put pressure on the defense. So we talked about kirk cousins. Kirk cousins isn't like a level athlete but he's mobile enough to get out on edge and do some of the naked bootlegs. You can move the spot you can make it very very difficult and challenging for the defense to me. That's what the new prototype will be as much as I want to say the prototype apears Lamar and those guys. I think the new prototype will be the guys that can play in that Jimmy Garoppolo style offense they can move. They can give you that if you need it. But it's not necessarily the basis of the game but they still have to have a tool in the toolbox to be able to help you get out some of these bad place. Yeah Look one hundred percent right and I look at some of the top rushing teams The Baltimore Ravens. This is nuts. Buck okay let me give you like the ones right behind him. Okay San in Francisco one forty nine a game. Minnesota one forty two colts one forty one Houston one forty all right. So that's those teams are real. Close one forty nine one forty to one forty forty one forty the Baltimore. Ravens are averaging two hundred three rushing yards a game over fifty yards more than the next best team rushing the football and obviously the more Jackson's big part of that not only what he does with his legs but the threat of him with his legs. So the second thirteen Minnesota San Francisco in Minnesota both the same scheme right exact same scheme. It's from the Shanahan scheme. So that to me is a little more scheme and Garoppolo in and cousins are both capable. Aw of keeping it and there you'll talk about the boots and Wagle's different things they can do so on the backside. You still have to account for them. You know what I mean. There's so so so the the back door you hire. The beauty of this system is like a zone read because the quarterback bootleg is. What occupies the backside defensive? And so they have that in common. Then you get to the colts colts who have a great offensive line Kinda Mashah than Houston Athletic quarterback Seattle Athletic quarterback Dallas Athletic quarterback Buffalo Athletic quarterback man men if we if we say is as most football people say look I know it's a passing league in in analytics and the benefits of passing the football but when you get down to it teams that play great defense and teams. That can run the football. That's how you have sustained success. That's how you're able to be consistent because that stuff works it and that stuff travels all those cliches you want to throw out but man. When you have a quarterback that you have to account for and that can contribute Maybe a little bit but can contribute to run the football man. And it's just a matter of fact. So when I look at these teams with the aging quarterbacks it's going to be interesting to see how they morph in what they do. No more drastic aspic change going from Joe flacco Lamar Jackson. So it's been proven you that type of an adjustment and have success you. He made that kind of adjustment. Now I I think the interesting thing. When you brought out the running teams and the connection with the quarterbacks San Francisco Minnesota plan the same aim scheme the colts being dominated office of line? The other teams that you mentioned have athlete quarterbacks. When we begin to evaluate quarterbacks We should she probably change how we can evaluate them and some regard A lot of times we evaluate them. Strictly on passing yards passing touchdowns with so many athletic quarterbacks making contributions not only as throws but his runners. I think you have to make total touchdowns are part of total yards total touchdowns and the guy that I'm thinking about is not even Lamar Jackson. But the effectiveness of Josh Allen in Buffalo. Josh Allen is a guy that you and not both wondered how is he going to have success in the league. Is he good enough for an accurate or consistent enough passer to be able to win games..

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