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Seventeenth nineteen sixty two. Please call the Cosby coffee club in Liverpool cows Bosnian rock and the and while they were recording for the first time in the studio in August of nineteen sixty two during the first for session together, a Pete best was apparently just not cutting the mustard, and they got their manager to let go of Pete best. But that was right after I think it was even the manager, George Martin who said, drummers gotta go, they are really agree. I heard one story where that was definitely a thing, but apparently they had a problem with his haircut because he had kind of much more of the traditional kind of greasier pompadour haircut. Whereas by this point, the dudes were were rocking that. British mod, mop top that we, we know in love. Well, that became a hallmark of their look. And it just goes to show that even early on in their career. They were very conscious of this image. Yes. And their manager famously told them that if they wanted to be big, it's like, look, you have to do better image wise. You can't because they were just showing up and smoking or eating and drinking onstage wearing whatever they ability in that day and was like, you need to get some proper trousers. There's some great quotes about it, especially because I guess that's back when people said trousers more often. So as crazy, this is George Martin's career before he wrote those awesome game of thrones books. You know, who knew he actually had a story to career as a record producer and manager? Yeah, and he was really just doing the Beatles. I think to support his love of writing and his love of Frappuccino pretty. He's pretty candid about that yet. They so they got rid of Pete best. And that's when Ringo Starr comes. Into the picture. Also Stuart Sutcliffe had earlier left of his own accord to pursue a career in art that had to be a real kick in the pants later for the guy. You know, we you're familiar with a lot of the discography in October nineteen sixty two. Their first single as the Beatles comes out, it's called love me. Do DO enters the British charts reaches number seventeen, pretty good for first time out. Yeah. And this is like their earliest earliest days and sound, which is much more akin to like the Phil spector kind of traditional rock and roll. I mean, really just kind of a lot more straightforward but very catchy melodies that they would continue to incorporate into their future stuff, but it it obviously got a little weirder and cooler in my opinion, thankfully, yeah, because this is a little bit poppy boy, bandy stuff. You know, simple, three chord buddy Holly Esq for lack of a better word in nineteen sixty. Three February eleventh. They record their first album. Please, please me and they do it all in one day in November, nineteen, sixty three. Same year a with the Beatles becomes the first million selling album in Britain, and then they begin their crazy Evelyn, their domination of the world as well as their internal changes, a band in February of nineteen sixty four. They toward the US for the first time, people lose their minds. They're out of their gourds, the barn doors wide open, whatever idiom you want to use their nuts. This is where you see a lot of that archival footage of people just screaming and screeching as the guys get off the plane. Yeah. I mean, as in particular young ladies, they were quite fond of these. These lads from these Liverpudlian labs. Did you know that's the word for it liberal, yeah, there's a weird inexplicable d. the there's one story about how a woman came up behind Ringo and like snipped a lock of his hair. So this was during their. First trip to the United States, believe they did the at Sullivan show and then broke TV reser dumbers blew up..

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