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Past and clark then decides is going to go after her on twitter is people like you don't have long careers in your field i have a job for you cleaning my fish tank when that little job is over at natalie wiener then he goes on to say apologized anyone who offended was offended by my tweet one of those week non apology apologies what was the reaction how did you handle that on your show what was the reaction from cr fans this pretty ugly the waste went after her publicly and then tried it was it was shane lee stupid on his part i mean come on i mean first of all i think the incident that took place at ohio two years ago is going to go away that all the stories about it on the internet are gonna be purged and nobody has ever gonna read about it ever again i mean this is reality he's going to have to deal with that every now and then there's gonna be a representative frank clark people talk about red hearty what they talked about ray rice when he talked about whoever that talk about potentially frank clark and he's going to have to deal with that in a way he reacted was just ridiculous i mean there's two columnist in this town one for the tacoma tribune at one for the times that both ripped them and whatever progress he's made he's he's taken a huge step back after what he did on twitter so and i agree with that by the way but i think that you look i mean just like seattle and maybe san francisco you know we have our twelve up here in seattle fiat fans that believe the hawks can do no wrong it makes you got to be honest with frank clark's than this bull crap apology out that people be spent three seconds on and you got all these seok fairhaven keep doing you keep it really know the haters crap like that just come out i mean there's there's no reason why you cannot support a guy but also constructive criticism is way he deserved a boatload after what he did on twitter and then by the way he got a second apology and you may have noticed this on twitter.

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