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Go to Seattle where he meets his Pearl Jam bandmate. So the first time it starts a week of recording. The becomes the bulk of their debut album. Ten veterans was chosen based on vocals. He added to a three song instrumental demo that the band mates and this week in two thousand twelve record label bosses at EMI recalled a vinyl anniversary edition of the Beatles. Hit single love me do after discovering they had accidentally press diversion that included session musician Andy white playing drums instead of Ringo. Starr, copies of the disc featuring the wrong version reportedly selling on EBay. There's your look back at this week's rock almanac. Our look back at this week in history this week in eighteen forty five the United States naval academy opens in Annapolis Maryland with fifty midshipmen students and seven professors, the naval school officially became the US naval academy in eighteen fifty and a new curriculum went into effect requiring midshipmen to study at the academy for four years and to train aboard ships each summer, the basic format that remains at the academy to this day this week in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight Apollo seven the first manned Apollo mission is launched with astronauts. Walter sheera junior, Don diesel and Walter Cunningham aboard under the command of Shira. The crew of Apollo seven conducted an eleven day orbit of the earth during which the crew transmitted the first live television broadcasts from orbit this week in nineteen seventy five the epic single born to run became Bruce Springsteen's first ever top forty hit marking the start of his eventual transition from little known cult figure to international superstar Twenty-six-year-old Bruce Springsteen had too heavily promoted major label albums. Behind him, but nothing approaching a popular hit and also this week in one thousand nine hundred seventy five Saturday Night Live debuts on NBC featuring Chevy Chase. John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd Gilda Radner Garrett Morris, Jane curtain and Lorraine Newman. It will go on to become the longest running highest rated show on late night television ninety minute program, which from its inception have been broadcast. Live includes a different guest host and musical act each week. The opening sketch of each show ends with one actor saying live from New York. It's Saturday night. That's your look back at this week in history. This is seven hundred wwl W ever, dry water grouping Bengals Steelers every dry waterproofing. Folks. It's not dry toilets ever draw your host MO Egger. Two thousand nine the Bengals were one of the NFL surprise teams finishing ten and six and win the AFC north and the strength of an unbeaten record against division. Opponents Cincinnati's first win over Pittsburgh came after the Bengals scored fourteen on answer points in the fourth quarter to cap off a remarkable comeback at Paul Brown stadium. Their second win was fueled by ninety six yard.

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