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As of gallons of our water into the pacific ocean as we're speaking daily all because of the delta smelt goes well he goes deeper then because that's what would be happening if man was not building dams and if you read the writings by real extreme leftist democrats they believe that every single human dams should be destroyed yes eri turning the world back to its pristine original yawn so there's too many people in their speedo dams everything should be way was originally before humanity start doing what's that's the goal but what people would be less beat them right the elites would be us can't remember where it's out there is a stone structure which has information about the plan and it basically says that for a world that be sustainable it can have no more than five hundred thousand people on the plan i think that's what the left or you understand the left leads to depopulation they won't tell you how they'll get to the depopulation they just believe that we need to depopulate artists that's why they push that's why they push abortion that's why they push the drop in a fertility rates and things like that of the unfortunate consequences of that is that we cannot maintain society and the muslims began to outnumber us so those are the reactions but they think that's okay we'll figure that out in the end go back to the late sixties early seventies the population bomb read that book they believe that that is what's going on in their heads i think that's a large part of this we restrict the water people will start coming people stop coming eventually they'll realize it's a moot point to even have babies stop producing i mean that's kind of their way of thinking i was just thinking that people need to read the book it's called the naked communist was first published in nineteen fifty eight by qiliang scouse and right and about three quarters.

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