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It doesn't think we would just missing stuff and it was like. I must join beth absolutely mad because always the like a critic. I'm the person who asked all the questions like. Why is this happening because of this be haven't said that. Be like shut up what they doing. Oh the fixing like a projector. Okay where are they. Are there on this like popcorn. That's one of my favorite episodes but they just launched into it and it was like who just kind of they just landed on the planet and they're in the middle of this conversation. I feel that we could do with a bit of like a bit of explanation as to where they are like to set the scene. Yeah so that's when the ultimate commission briefs came in interest voice was kind of unconnected to the cost because we're playing around ages and ages ago. We're playing around with a plugin. Could little boy. And we noticed the i turn into miranda hart who is a british comedian. It's just. It was very bizarre to hear that. Because i really really sounded like like my mannerisms when pitched down of very very much the same and that kind of that kicked off the whole playing with my voice in plug in the very very first audio draft of space junk me invested all of the voices. And it's it's awful it know that has because we've never shown it to actually told me it's in a vault somewhere you have it exists. I think i found shame key has a becky has has i think because know. I think we send its becky. He plays Rebekah evans he plays samantha at just because we wanted to to have an idea of how the show would like pay out of him. Oh she she's brilliant. She's such she brings so much to the character is really really good. I'm so glad we have her is. Yeah so what. Was it like when you release a and i know you've we'll talk more about that but you've added characters in the edit process. I've talked. I've talked about that. But what was it like when you released like you've got this thing. I mean how much first of all ask as the geek that i am. How much of it you have done in the can when you started releasing and that's what was that. What was the response. We'd recorded the bass dialogue of the whole series so the first season with us another thing we had to realize is the english people are the only people say series episodes one day and then series two is one in series three right to it. So yeah when we said like series finale after the first episodes every everyone thought it was over at this show is over. Okay so we're supposed to season okay. Season say that. So you had it dialogue a dialogue. But you hadn't really how each series he season has gone is. We had the base dialogue for the hosts season and then the edits were kind of a week to week so we had episode one. Oh we actually had episode one ready almost six months beforehand because we actually have spun the show during some stage show with front who plays marlin wealth maryland..

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