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Family i have to say is so generous not only with their money but with their time and i found through the different volunteer opportunities that i've taken advantage of it's just so rewarding we're huge into the cody rouge neighborhood so we have a week dedicated to not only painting classrooms but also cleaning up some of the debris and the and the brush and things like that in the cody rouge neighborhood and we partner with d._t. and with skillman foundation and with quicken loans and that was great partners and when you go back year after year you see sustain change those neighborhoods i attended a breakfast this morning with doug and he talked about the neighborhoods in how he remains very committed to improving he's real happy downtown's doing great but the neighborhoods are really really important particularly for the folks that live there speaking of neighborhoods and volunteering i know you're on the board i mentioned layla high school they're one of our partners we we provided a grant that helped renovate their kitchen so rather than the the young men having lunch brought in i think they have three meals a day that those are being prepared right there and it's also helping the community maybe do some skills in culinary and so we're delighted to be a partner with my well thank you very much for your contribution it's greatly appreciated and you know loyal is a special place there's about one hundred and forty students they're all all-male and you know the generally arrive at the school two or three grade levels behind and our goal is to turn that around we're very proud that nine years in a row we've had one hundred percent college acceptance we just celebrate did nine years and years in a row all one hundred one hundred percent of the of the graduating seniors are accepted to college and i hand without loyola in the in the attention they get most of those kids count as probably true of yeah and so we we're proud of that we're we're saying goodbye to our president of seven years father mark mark's creepy moving on but we're delighted to add a gentleman by the name of dave smith who he's a native detroiter he moved away thirty years ago and he went and had a great career with johnson and johnson comes back to detroit bought a place in brush park wants to give back he and his wife are here and he starts on july one in his new role as the president of oil so things are looking very good for and and so we'll have him on the show sometimes that would be fantastic so we're talking with terry rattigan from general motors and terry since your job is so integrated and diverse what's one thing that you do or response before that might surprise our listeners let's the i'm in charge of internal communications for all of our salaried employees throughout the throughout the world and so i actually have responsibility for the for the the operations outside of of the u._s. but really employee communications especially at a time like we're going through here with the transformation of our industry transformation of our company the more you can educate the the employees about the the critical factors going on in the business the more engaged they're going to be the more they feel like they're going to contribute right so and technology has made that a little easier to do worldwide think so yes everyone just about everyone has a smartphone either company issued or their own and so there's ton of ways for employees to get critical information about the business through their handheld device and and i i have a general motors car and i love the app that tells me when i need service how my tires are how much gas i have i can start my car remotely i mean it's just awesome and i love the to terry thank you very much for being larry kids it's my pleasure and we're going to have your back and and keep our listeners posted on a great work general motors and yourself for doing thank you for everything you do for the community it's my pleasure thank you that was terry rattigan executive director of communication operations and corporate giving g._m. and coming up next we'll hear from ed is managing director and marketing director at bank of america private thing when caring for kids continues here on the great voice of the great lakes news talk seven sixty w._j._r. the dawn patrol the twilight finish going to school and let the big dog eat for those of us that really love golf we tend.

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