Antwane Bohanon: What Is the Tennessee Volunteer Military Academy?


So I want to jump into this. I've never heard of the Tennessee volunteer military academy. This is what grades 6 through 12. Yes, currently gray 6 two 12. We petitioned with the Memphis Shelby county schools to be able to open up fall of 23, 24, and now we're just waiting back for that approval. All right, so my understanding is that you've been getting some blowback over this to some extent. What's going on, why the problem? Well, one of the problems that we currently have in our city is that there are a lot of individuals doing the exact same things from public schools, charter schools, and now we have something different, which is a full-time ROTC military charter academy. So from that mindset, everyone thinks that we're going to militarize our children. So, and that's my understanding here, the chairman of the local Republican Party was jumping into this because the school board denied the school because of concerns that you were guys were going to want to create a militia or something. Well, not necessarily a militia, but to a point where they weren't quite familiar with how we would actually perform. So yes, Kerry von did get involved and also mister John du Barry, the senior adviser to governor Lee is also on our board. So we're in compliance, now we're just waiting for approval.

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