Democrats Won't Tell People to Stop Gay Orgies to Prevent Monkeypox


Who exactly really is radical in American politics? Well, my suggestion is that it is the Democrats who are significantly more radical than the Republicans, particularly when it comes to social issues. And you can see it on pretty much every social issue. So to take an example, when it comes to monkeypox, it is a source of constant amazement to me. That there is a very easy solution to monkey box. There are actually two. One is there's a vaccine. The vaccine needs to be more widely available. The FDA has prevented it from being more widely available. So that is solution number one. And the federal government's already screwing that up. Doctor Scott gottlieb former commissioner of the FDA, and a senior fellow at American enterprise institute, one of the loudest voices during COVID. He now suggests that the CDC has failed on monkeypox again. He says our country's response to monkeypox has been plagued by the same shortcomings we had with COVID. If monkeypox gains a permanent foothold in the United States and becomes an endemic virus that joins our circulating repertoire of pathogens, it will be one of the worst public health failures in modern times. Not only because of the pain and peril of the disease, but also because it was extremely avoidable. There is limited testing access, there was not enough stockpile of vaccine, even though the vaccine was widely available. Okay, but that's really not the most extreme response to monkeypox. The most extreme response to monkeypox continues to be the complete unwillingness of anyone in the media chattering class or in the Democratic Party to simply say, stop having gay orgies. I understand that this is unpopular with a particular segment of the democratic base, but you guys literally advocated for the shutdown of all of American life, all of it. Kids going to school, going to the park with your children, being able to go to work, killing hundreds of thousands of small businesses. For COVID, in airborne virus. This is a virus that has passed almost entirely between gay men having sex with one another. And you can't say, stop having sex with randos. You can't say it.

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