Jon Stewart Is Pushing a Veteran Healthcare Bill He Doesn't Understand


John Stewart is out there pushing a bill that is designed supposedly in order to make sure that people who are in the military and who have been around toxic substances get the healthcare that they need. And that is supposedly what this bill is about. I say supposedly because that's what the bill is about, but the Democrats also added a massive budget gimmick that essentially adds $400 billion in spending. To the bill, they just added it right on top. John Stewart was out there pushing this bill because John Stewart doesn't know how legislation works, John Stuart is not a particularly sophisticated political player. I understand these ban on TV for a very long time and then he went absent for a very long time. But Jon Stewart is essentially any other Hollywood activist. He reads the top line of articles and never reads about paragraph four. Well, here's what happened with this bill. So there is a bill, and the bill included a bunch of healthcare provisions to help U.S. Military veterans who had been stationed around burn pits, which are pits that are essentially dug to dispose of waste at military sites, and the smoke has been seen to cause long-term respiratory illness and many of the exposed soldiers. So there's a bill to pay for their healthcare, the problem is that what Democrats then did is Democrats took a bunch of money in the Bill and that money had been labeled as discretionary spending. They were adding on top and they shifted it over to what's called mandatory spending. Now when they did that, which means that under all circumstances government, shut down, under mandatory spending, the money must be spent. That didn't take the amount of money that's his $400 billion. It didn't take it from discretion or discretionary to mandatory. And then the $400 billion in discretionary spending just disappeared. All that did was it freed up $400 billion in discretionary spending. So that $400 billion slot still holds. It's still there. So through a budgetary gimmick, basically Democrats took the discretionary spending, they said that we will call it mandatory. That didn't make the $400 billion that was discretionary. Like in a big bag, shift over to the mandatory category. All it did was it added $400 billion in discretionary spending. It just meant that the $400 billion that had already been allocated, now moves into the mandatory, but there's now a big $400 billion bag of cash that is out there under this bill. So pat toomey, who's a Republican from Pennsylvania. He opposed the bill. And this caused John Stewart to rail against pat toomey. Because again, he doesn't care how much the government spends. Democrats don't care how much the real question here is why Democrats did this gimmick in the first place. Why are Democrats trying to add $400 billion in slush fund spending to a bill that was designed to protect the healthcare of military veterans?

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