Rep. Reschenthaler Predicts Dr. Oz Will Win in Pennsylvania


What has happened in Pennsylvania for the Senate. Dear lord, this is your state. I understand that president Trump is friends with Doctor Oz and I get it and I realize he's a dear friend of Trump and he's supported Trump. Was there really no better candidate than Doctor Oz? I'm not saying he's a bad guy. I'm just saying he's got the name recognition, which is great. But he's somehow wrestling with fetterman. He should be Oz should be up by 10,000 points. I don't understand it. What are you doing? Two great points. Oz was the only one in that race that could have gone toe to toe with betterment. And here's why. I've been saying the betterment's totally underrated. He has a star power around Pennsylvania. Unites these burning Bros with working class voters who wrongfully think that he's one of them because they see him tatted off with a beard wearing a hoodie riding a Harley and they just assume that he shares our values. He does not. So to overcome that fundraising ability to overcome that celebrity, we really needed Doctor Oz, any other candidate we would have put forward would have been even further behind in the polls. And it's a little bit of revisionary history to go back and say we should have picked another candidate because all this is the only guy that can keep better men. I think that ultimately Oz wins this race by a slim margin. Remember tuni only won by one or two points each time he won that Senate race. This Pennsylvania after all. And he's going to do it by exposing the settlement hypocrisy. This is a guy that wants to release one third of all prisoners in Pennsylvania. This is a guy that wants to have the Green New Deal and totally eviscerate the natural gas economy. We have particularly around Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. And don't forget that he wants to eliminate private health insurance. So this guy's way too radical, Pennsylvania I'm sorry, Mary. No, no, no, I

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