Why Did Meghan McCain Block Todd Starnes on Twitter?


Chad McCain was a conservative. How dare you? Oh, really? Well, why would he hire a leftist like Steve Schmidt to run his campaign? Steve Steve Schmidt, the founding member of The Lincoln Project, a former McCain campaign manager. Also, a political analyst for MSD and C? That's exhibit a let's talk about exhibit B Nicole Wallace. A former senior campaign adviser, she was the one who handled Sarah Palin. She was the one responsible for literally bludgeoning Palin in the back with a political knife. And what is she doing now? She's one of the lady host on MSD and C. But the real reason she blocked me is because you see, we have a mind like a steel trap. Here at the Todd stern's radio program, ladies. So we don't forget anything here. And that's why she blocked me. You see, misses Dominic, Meghan McCain. Misses Dominick, she blocked me because I reminded the nation about her daddy's most egregious sin. Would he betrayed every single one of us. He had the power in his hands to kill ObamaCare. And while the cameras were rolling on C-SPAN, what did he do? He looked up at that C-SPAN camera, and he put his, he put his hand in the air. With his thumb exposed, and then he did the big thumbs down. A big blank you to America. That's what he did. All I was doing was asking misses Dominic to explain her daddy's political strategy. But you see, this is what the establishment thinks about all of us. You vote for Donald Trump, you're an irredeemable deplorable. You vote for Donald Trump, you're a Neanderthal.

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