Charlie Unpacks the Most Dangerous Provisions of the New Democrat Bill


I want to start this program by going into what happened over this last weekend. According to NPR dot org, the propagandist publication funded by our taxpayer dollars, Democrats passed a major climate health and tax bill. Here is what is in it. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer gives the thumbs up as he leaves the Senate chamber after passage of the inflation reduction act. Senate Democrats after weeks of negotiations to revive the core of their election year agenda passed a spending bill, which would attempt to tackle climate change. The high cost of prescription drugs and lower the deficit by roughly $300 billion. So let's go through actually what's in the Bill. This NPR does a pretty poor job of detailing it, but we'll dance around with this, but let's start with this idea of climate change. I have to say, whoever came up with the branding around climate change is brilliant. It's an unbelievably brilliant strategy. You can call it a Trojan horse. You could call it a wolf in sheep's clothing. What's so brilliant about climate change is that you don't have to define it. Is that you have a unspecified fear that you could spend an unlimited amount of money on. Like AOC a $100 trillion. Why stop there? Why not a 130 trillion? You see, climate change is so brilliantly duplicitous. And it's a scheme to make people afraid, but they'll never actually get to the end point. That's what's so brilliant about it. So no matter how much you spend, there might be somebody with a fossil fuel somewhere in Midland, Texas, we need to spend another $100 billion to go find them. You see, if they completely change the economy into a green economy, destroying our energy supremacy, by the way, which is one of the most civilizational suicidal things that we could possibly do, they'll just then create a surveillance state to find out if someone still is using fossil fuels or natural gas, even

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