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W F L A 19 year old from Port Richey is charged with writing his callous sake ninja into a seven year old boy killing him. Phone wire. It's turned himself in. On Sunday, neighbors say the boy was walking through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. There's the roadside memorial on Regency Park Boulevard for the little boy who lost his life here Saturday night and Florida Highway Patrol 19 year old Sean Wire. It has been charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving a death in driving a motorcycle without the proper endorsement on his driver's license for Highway Patrol. Troopers say they recovered the motorcycle at home on Fox. Hello, Dr in Port Richey. It's half a mile from the scene News Channel eight's Justin Checker reports, The Highway Patrol found the racing style bike in a yard on Fox Hollow Drive, why Rich is suspected of speeding at the time of the collision. Hillsborough County will open to new drive thru coronavirus testing sites this coming week to meet increasing demands. One site is in Riverview, the other in Dover. That's a 510 per day, given us an additional 3000 tests a weak assed We addressed this certain. Tim Dudley with Hillsborough Emergency Management says they closed down several sites. A few months ago as demand was lowering, But now following Thanksgiving, it appears that demand is on the rise. Corona virus is to blame for almost 100 mortgage eths in Florida. The Department of Health announced 96 due to covert 19 Health department also announced 8400 new cases. The positivity rate was almost 8%. The virus has infected more than a million people in Florida and killed about 19,000, the governor to Santa says he stands by his rejection of statewide mask mandates or limits on businesses. Some point you have to look at.

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